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Photo: Gary Walts / The Post-Standard

On August 8th, I finally got to experience something I’ve been waiting for for over 20 years, seeing Jane’s Addiction live in concert! I have to say they didn’t just live up to my expectations, they exceeded them. I’ve always heard about what great entertainers Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro and the rest of the band are in general, and they definitely lived up to that. Their connection to their fans was amazing. Farrell sharing his bottle of wine with the fans and Navarro sitting on the edge of the stage interacting with the fans, is not something you see very often at concerts! Farrell can still hit all the notes and sounds amazing live, Navarro proved once again why he is a guitar god, Chris Chaney fit back in with the band perfectly after on and off appearances with them, and Stephen Perkins laid down some awesome beats. On top of all that, the stage props and added performers made it feel like the songs almost came to life. They had women in long dresses suspended on trapezes, a guy dressed in white with his face covered carrying a bag walking across the stage and another guy that appeared to be slashing and washing his face. It was a total audio and visual experience.

The show started off with, ‘Underground’, one of their new singles off their latest album ‘The Great Escape Artist’. The rest of their set list looked like a greatest hits line up which featured ‘Jane Says’, ‘Been Caught Stealing’, ‘Mountain Song’, ‘Just Because’ and many others. The encore featured ‘Ted, Just Admit It…’ and ‘Summertime Rolls’. Afterwards we were able to meet Dave Navarro, who for being a rock legend and very well known in the rock world, was extremely humble and down to earth. He was very easy to talk to and seemed quite interested in hearing what I thought of the concert as it seemed he enjoyed leaving his fans pleased. This is definitely a must see show!

Photo by: Gary Walts / The Post-Standard

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