Live Sounds: Mötley Crüe ‘All Bad Things Must Come To An End’ Tour Review

Vince Neil

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On August 24th, 2015, Mötley Crüe’s farewell tour, cleverly titled ‘All Bad Things Must Come To An End,’ rolled into the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada and burned it down!  Well, almost, they sure had enough pyro to do so.  The Crüe, as many fans refer to them, have been around for 30 plus years and are making stops at 68 cities on this final tour.  Anyone who knows the band knows they can count on sleaze, showmanship, and great music when attending one of the band’s live shows, and they didn’t fail to deliver.  Rock icon Alice Cooper was appointed the role of opener for the final tour.

The grandfather of horror/shock rock, Alice Cooper, brought his theatrical stage presence along for the ride.  There were swords, a crutch, a guillotine, an over-sized Frankenstein, a snake and more.  Cooper’s set commenced with an old school Vincent Price intro followed by the classic “The Black Widow.”  His set list read like a greatest hits album featuring songs such as “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” “I’m Eighteen,” “Billion Dollar Babies,” “Poison,” “Feed My Frankenstein,” “School’s Out,” and more!  He sounded great and was an amazing entertainer.

The bad boys of rock, Vince, Tommy, Nikki and Mick, better known as Mötley Crüe, have sold more than 100 million records worldwide.  Very few bands have enjoyed the success and longevity that they have had.  They have definitely lived the lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.  Surviving drug overdoses, car crashes and years of turmoil, Mötley Crüe became one of the biggest bands to survive the 80’s and continue to release albums through the 90’s and 2000’s.  The show started off with “So Long, Farewell” by Rodgers and Hammerstein, very fitting for a farewell show, then immediately got revved up with strip club anthem “Girls, Girls, Girls.”  From that point on it was full throttle!  Their setlist included every hit song over their career and more, including “Anarchy In The UK,” a Sex Pistols cover.  “Shout At The Devil” included Nikki Six with a flame throwing guitar that he used to light a pentagram on fire.  Tommy Lee did a spectacular drum solo on his “Crusifly,” a contraption thought up by Tommy himself, that was a roller coaster for his drum kit that skied over fans’ heads on the floor and reached to the back of the arena.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, the platform he and his drums were on rotated while moving along this roller coaster.  That’s right, he was playing upside down and all around.  Then there was probably one of their biggest hits, “Kickstart My Heart,” which turned the stage into the 4th of July.  A large burning pentagram, flames, fireworks, and two hydraulic lifts that brought Neil and Sixx out of over the crowd were part of the shenanigans going on during the song.  For the finale, the band made their way to a smaller, more intimate stage located at the back of the arena for a rendition of “Home Sweet Home.” The song playing as fans exited the arena was none other than “My Way” by old blue eyes, Frank Sinatra. The Crüe definitely did things their way for over 30 years.

While Vince Neil sounded out of breath on the first couple of songs, he quickly came around and the entire band sounded phenomenal.  With Tommy keeping the beat, Mick shredding on his guitar, Nikki plucking away at his bass and Vince belting out the lyrics, it was easy to see why they had such a loyal following for so many years.  Bands that can’t perform live usually don’t have the stay power needed to last 30 something years.  My only regret is not going to one of their shows before now.  The ONLY let down of the night was the extremely expensive, even for a concert, t-shirts which cost $45 or more.  To me that was uncalled for and seemed like the band was trying to wring every last penny out of the fans that they could. #RIPMötleyCrüe



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