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loverboy-680x689I’ve always wanted to be with a Kingpin.  Also, a Fireman, a Boy in Blue, a Surfer Dude, a Soldier, and a Pool Boy.  Thanks to Blush Novelties, now I can, and so can you!  *Thumbs up, high five, winky emoticon!*

The Loverboy line consists of eleven realistically molded and sized dildos, all named after professions, if “Papito” can be considered a profession.  What initially drew me to the Loverboy toys was the variety of shapes, styles, and skin tones available within relatively specific range of sizes.  All eleven toys are between 5.5″ and 7.25″ insertable and 1.5″ or 1.75″ wide.

Blush realizes that as men’s personalities vary (the Boy in Blue, for example, does NOT look like he’d get along with the Kingpin) so do their cocks. Some are straight and some are curved.  Some have small heads, others large.  Some are veiny, others not so much, and don’t even get me started on the balls!  Half of the fun for me was studying the cartoon “Loverboys” on the packaging and guessing what they might pack in their pants.  (Eight times out of eleven, Blush and I agreed.)

Of course, the real fun was picking my man and bringing him home.  I chose the Kingpin.  He’s 5.5″ insertable, 1.5″ wide, straight with a largish head, and nicely veined.  All Loverboy dildos are made of phthalate-free PVC, so they’re body-safe, durable, and easy to clean.  All but one feature a suction cup base, making them harness compatible and easy to mount and ride.  (New use for your shower wall!)

When shopping for a dildo, in addition to size and attractiveness, I’m concerned with the feel of the toy’s surface and how firm it is.  I adore silicone toys, which my Kingpin is not, but that’s also what makes my Kingpin, at $19.99, such a cheap date.  PVC is sturdy and firm, but also bendable and comfortable.  Many “realistic” toys lack the firmness I’d expect from a real man, but the Loverboy men are on point.  Pair with a good lubricant (I used Swiss Navy’s Waterbased) and make some memories.

Since the Kingpin was so affordable, I’m thinking of bringing home some of his friends.  I expect he’ll get along splendidly with the Pizza Boy and Mr. Fix It.  Of course, every good man deserves a little buzz, so invite your Power Bullet or other clitoral toy. Now THAT’S a party!


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