This sexy tattooed slut hails from Los Angeles and loves anime tattoos! Want to know the craziest places she’s had sex? Read on…

Where are you from?

Los Angeles, California



What do you have for tattoos and/or piercings?

Most of my tattoos are anime-themed. I have about 18 tattoos & back dermal piercings. I have two sugar skulls on my hips, two back shoulder pieces, two sharks on my wrists, finger tattoos, a David Bowie Rilakkuma tribute tattoo that I drew out, plus some anime tattoos covering my legs. All my tattoos are organically placed and really speak on my character.

What type of music do you listen to and who is your favorite band or artist?

I love happy hardcore! I’ve been a raver for 10 years and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Although, I have a wide interest for all types of music. From The Cramps, to David Bowie, Toy Box, Tchaikovsky, and Carlos Vives, to Venetian Snares, I hold a very big and open heart to music.


32B – 26 – 31

Craziest, wildest or kinkiest place you've ever had sex?

For legal reasons let’s just say it was at a very popular amusement park on a Halloween-themed ride. ;)

Favorite sexual position?

I REALLY love 69 and doggie style. I just love giving head and receiving…so 69 is heaven to me. Doggie style is another favorite because I love when my fat ass is bouncing everywhere and I get grabbed and spanked. It drives me crazy and makes me want to just keep going.

Biggest turn on and biggest turn off?

Biggest turn on would be someone who knows how to dominate me. I’m a total brat and I love power play! So for someone to just turn me into a completely submissive partner…it’s super sexy. My biggest turn off would most likely be non-consensual aggressive play. Communication is super important to me and when rules aren’t set it’s just too risky.

Have you ever squirted?

YES! I’ve squirted twice but the first time was very memorable and kinda disappointing. So I was in a private and they were making me edge for 40 minutes. Only they wanted my cam to be angled only to my face. My pussy was completely off screen! After 42 min of edging in this private, I squirt ALL OVER myself! I squealed with excitement and I get no reaction from the viewer. I explained that I just squirted, and they were like, “okay, can you just please keep your face in frame?” LMAO I’m so used to viewers squealing with excitement about girls squirting and yet my first time was off cam and with someone who didn’t really care.

Have you ever masturbated with something uncommon (anything but a toy or fingers)?

Oooooooofffff…once I used a couple of sharpies to get off. I was sexting this guy and he dared me to find out how many sharpies I could fit inside me and I was curious too! Now after that experience, I really came to enjoy the feeling of shoving sharpies in me.