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An Inked Angels Day With Mabel Wolfe


After learning about Mabel Wolfe from my very close friends, Missy Starr and Sean Abandoned of BombShell Brats, and seeing some of her scenes, I made contact with Mabel and was so impressed that I featured her as one of the girls in Inked Angels’ December “Fresh Ink Column. But, just watching her scenes and talking to her on the phone wasn’t enough, I had to meet her too. Besides, we don’t get many porn chicks in Richmond, VA, so meeting her became a must. Quickly, I made plans to spend a day with her, to not only talk about her porn career, but to learn more about the person she is and have some fun doing it as well.


My day with Mabel was one of the funnest days I’ve ever had with a porn girl in the thirty years I have been in the business, and one that will be hard to forget. Mabel is unique in every aspect as a performer and a young lady. Her beauty, ink, performances and professionalism make her a total package of what a strong newcomer should be, and it is those things all combined that will have her climbing to the top in front of many other newcomers entering the business. How would one sum her up to the porn industry? Very simple. “Mabel Wolfe is a breath of fresh air”.


Our day started off with meeting for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant, which was a bit different for this meat and potatoes kind of guy. When I met her, I got the warmest hug one could get. You know the kind that is genuine and sincere? OK, I also got an instant woody from having her body up against me and had to quickly dive into the men’s room to take care of it. Once I regained my composure, we sat down and I thought it would be nice for her fans and I to get to know who Mabel Wolfe really is.


Mabel, enjoying that Vietnamese stuff, whatever the hell it is.

BTH – In addition to porn, you are also a body piercer. Tell me a little about your work.

Mabel – I love piercing.  I’ve floated in and out of the body mod community for four years, but I’m finally stable living here in Richmond.  I like working with people’s bodies and noticing the slight changes in anatomy from client to client.  I also love my customers.  Customer service is a huge part of my job, so I like to make sure that aside from having a great piercing, my customers feel safe, comfortable and I can guide them to pick out great jewelry for their piercings.

BTH – What are some hobbies or activities that you enjoy?

Mabel – I love riding my bike. I even ride my bike to work and have a small trailer I can pull for my dog “Beans”.


Meet Mr. Beans

BTH – Beans? How did you come up with the name Beans for your dog?

Mabel – He was a stray, so he had pretty bad gas when I got him.  Not very attractive, but very fitting.

BTH – What were you like growing up?

Mabel – I was a bit of a weirdo, awkward, goofy and had big glasses. My parents who raised me were kind of hippies. I read lots of books, especially beat generation authors like Kerouac and Ginsberg. I did have friends, but not a lot. Sexually in high school, I was with more girls than guys, and yes I am very bisexual. I was raised in a redneck town where I did not fit in at all.

BTH – What is a typical day off from work for you?

Mabel – I get up around 10am, get stoned and play with Beans. Do my phone calls and emails and then hit the farmers market. If it’s nice out, I work in my garden and ride my bike around the city.  If it’s gross out, you can usually find me in the library, or cuddled up with Beans watching Star Trek.  After that, drinking, more weed and being a night owl. I am usually up till around 3am.


Mabel, smoking it up with her pipe that was personally made just for her.

Once done with lunch, we headed over to Taboo, an awesome adult store, for some shopping, to meet up with one of her fans and visit with Alison Barber, the owner of Taboo.


We first caught up with Robin, who is a very big fan of hers. I asked Robin, “What is it that you enjoy about watching Mabel perform?”?  His reply was, “That she really gets into her scenes and you can see she enjoys every part of them and the people she is shooting with. She is sensual, sexual and doesn’t come across as acting, but is really getting into it”.

I then gave Robin the opportunity to ask Mabel some questions.


Robin – What is it about porn that attracted you to start shooting?

Mabel – Actually, it’s because I love sex and also love being in front of the camera.

Robin – Who are some of your favorites that you have worked with and who do you still want to work with?

Mabel – Indigo was just awesome and the chemistry was perfect when working with her. I also did a threesome with Anthony Rosano and Andy San Dimas.  It was was lots of fun to shoot because I rarely get to have threesomes in my personal life. On who I would like to shoot with, well of course Juliet Black and Severin Graves too.

Robin – What do you think of the fact that guys are jerking off to you as they watch your scenes?

Mabel – I love it and consider it as a huge compliment. When guys tweet me about it on Twitter, it really makes me feel good and excited.


Robin – Who do you look forward to working with in the near future?

Mabel – I am very excited that I will be shooting with BombShell Brats. I am looking forward to my upcoming shoot with WLC Photo.

I had a chance to touch base with Bombshell Brats after the interview, and here is what they said on shooting with Mabel.


“We have not had the pleasure to have fun with Mabel yet. But we will be next month. I can say it has been fantastic just corresponding back and forth with her to set up the date. I love when people are prompt in their responses and when you can come off in words sounding as cute as you look, that’s definitely a plus for me. I deal with a lot of people, and let me say it’s rare to find someone as easy to interact with as her”.

“I’m excited for next month to come already. It’s definitely going to be an amazing adventure working with her for Bombshell Brats. We are going to be shooting not only stills, but video as well, that I am sure will be destined to please not only me, but everyone that feasts their eyes on them”.Sean Abandoned, Bombshell Brats

As we started shopping, Mabel made a mad dash to the vibrator and dildo section and picked herself up a new toy.


Then she spent some time looking at outfits and trying them on. Mabel seemed to know her way around Taboo, telling me this wasn’t her first trip to an adult shop.


I wasn’t stalking Mabel at all. I was just walking by and the dressing room door at Taboo just magically opened.

Once done shopping, we went up stairs for Mabel and Alison Barber the owner of Taboo to meet.


It was a great visit and the two of them hit it off so well. Alison just loves being around porn girls, and I thought for a moment as we took pictures, that the two of them were going to ravish each other.

Alison asked me to take a few pictures of her and Mabel, one of which shows Mabel topless holding a Taboo Calender.


So, Mabel was topless, and I wasn’t going to let those sweet boobies of hers go without getting a little feel myself. In trying to be clever on convincing her, I explained that I feel obligated to my readers to touch and confirm how sweet her boobies were. Well, she didn’t buy it, but still let me have a feel anyway. I will tell you they are as sweet to the touch as they are to look at.


Now those are some fine boobies!

Later that evening, I tweeted that when @mabel_ba was sitting on my lap to take the picture,  I had a mega woody. Later that evening @mabel_ba tweeted back “@BillTheHobbyist, I didn’t mind sitting on it. Any woody is a compliment!!!” Well, of course, that tweet gave me another hard on.

After our visit at Taboo, I asked Alison what she thought of Mabel and this is what she told me.


My office has seen its share of topless girls, but none are cuter than Mabel!  She’s super sweet, and even prettier in person.  Meeting her was awesome, kissing her was better, and the dreams I had about her later that night topped them all.” – Alison Barber, Taboo

Our entire visit at Taboo with Mabel and meeting Alison Barber, along with a visit with one of her fans, was awesome, and I want to personally thank Alison Barber for letting us take the place over. Alison is just awesome and cute as heck, too.  I, too, had a blast and will say that my trip to Taboo with Mabel was one of the best times I’ve had while taking a porn girl shopping there.

As we left Taboo, I asked Mabel if there was a place close by that we could sit down and ask her some more questions. Of course, she took us to one of Richmond’s Pubs so she could drink beer and down shots while she answered questions.

BTH – Where was the strangest place you ever had sex?

Mabel – There were these super high-priced condos and we went to the top of the roof. There were all these changing colored lights. It was awesome.

BTH – Do you watch your own scenes?


Mabel –  It usually takes me a little while to watch them all the way through.  I critique myself a lot, so if I’m doing something I don’t like, I’m really hard on myself.  I do love watching it though, once I finally get through it.

BTH – What is your favorite position and why do you enjoy it the most?

Mabel – I like to be laid on my stomach with my legs together and butt poked up and get fucked from behind.  It’s such a submissive position for me, and my partner can get sooo deep!


BTH – Where is your favorite place to have a guy come? And why?

Mabel – I love getting him to come on my face.  It makes your skin feel great, and it’s super sexy!


BTH – How important is cock size to you?

Mabel – Of course I love big cocks, they really get me off best when fucking. But, I have found that most cock sizes are enjoyable. It’s more about how the guy uses it than the size.


When Mabel mentioned big cocks, I figured I’d let her know how big mine was and see what happens. I then explained to her how I had modeled for this dildo. Well damn, she didn’t buy it at all, but it was worth a shot.

BTH – Mabel, I have watched you in several scenes, including two of your DVDs, “Lick My Punk Rock Pussy” and “Joanna Angel Filthy Whore”, all of which are strong and non-stop jerking off scenes. Are you as sexual off screen as you are on screen?


Mabel –  I am.  My off screen sex life is slightly different because there’s intimacy and passion, and I’m usually banging people I have a total crush on.  Doing porn isn’t that different…I still like to create passion with the talent I’m working with, it’s just a little different.

Recently, Mabel shot with Tide Productions in Philadelphia, PA. I thought it would be great to visit with someone who has shot and worked with her. I asked Ryan with Tide Productions what it was like shooting a scene with Mabel. He really sums it up well.

 “She had incredible sexual energy and was still one of the most down to earth girls I’ve ever shot. She’s the kind of girl you’re really dying to fuck, but is also cool enough to watch the game with you like one of the guys”.Ryan, Tide Productions


Mabel, from her recent shoot with Tide Productions.

Once done asking sexual questions, I first had to run into the bathroom to do, umm, well, umm you know. After getting myself together, Mabel invited me over so we could visit some more. While at her place, I thought it would be a great opportunity for her to tell me about all the awesome ink she has and a get in a few final questions.

BTH – Tell me about your ink.


Mabel – Taylor Cort did the piece on my throat.  You can find him at Unification Tattoo in Asheville, NC.  My left arm is kind of my “collectors” arm… it’s a porkchop traditional sleeve filled with tattoos from my friends in the industry.  Genghis at All Or Nothing Tattoo in Atlanta was doing a guest spot in Asheville and did the Vlad The Impaler piece on the outside of my left leg.  Adam Marton with River City Tattoo in Richmond, VA did the Rasputin piece on the inside of my left leg.  I go to Robin Wilcox in Richmond, VA for all of my weirdly placed tattoos, like the inside of my fingers, my tongue, etc.  And finally, the one everyone wants to know about. The crotch tattoo.  I love that one.  It’s really just a humor tattoo.  I’m from the south and I’m proud of it (heritage, not hate though!), so what better place to decree that?


This is my favorite tattoo of Mabel’s. Yes, I have to say it. “I Wish I Was In Dixie”.

BTH – Being new to the industry, what advice would you have for other girls just starting out?

Mabel – Don’t be scared, realize your parents will find out. Don’t be afraid to tell others, bring it up to your friends, it’s not as awkward as you think.

BTH – Mabel, I appreciate you spending the day with Inked Angels and myself. You are an awesome young lady and one this industry will surely fall in love with.

Mabel –  I had such a great time with you as well Bill!  I’m really looking forward to these shoots I have coming up and any more in the future.  Thanks so much for interviewing me!


As I left, Mabel gave that same sincere and warm hug as when we met earlier that day. While driving home, this old guy had a constant woody while thinking about the day and the awesome time I had with a fantastic young lady. If I were to sum Mabel up in just a few words, they would be “Mabel has a true passion for porn and enjoys life to the fullest“. Mabel, keep doing what you’re doing in every aspect, and your passion will take you to great heights in your porn career, and life as a whole.


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