Interview: Maddy O’Reilly


Maddy O’Reilly is one of the hottest and most popular performers in porn today, and is quite high in demand. I sat down with Maddy to ask her about her background, her career in porn and what she plans for the future. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did interviewing her.

 Hi Maddy! Welcome to Inked Angels! This interview has been awhile coming, but I know it will be one our readers will greatly enjoy!

Thanks! I know, I’m excited to finally be doing it. 🙂

Before we get the official interview questions in, can you guess what looking at your previous Twitter background makes me want to do to you? The new one kinda does the same BTW.

Hopefully it involves some good tongue action. 😉

To start with.

My first question is an obvious one. What brought an adorable GRIT (Girl Raised in The South) from small town North Carolina to Porn Valley?


I have always been extremely sexual, but just a bit on the shy side. I wanted to finally break free from my shell and start enacting my sexual fantasies, so I packed a suitcase and bought a one way ticket to LAX!

How has the porn experience compared to whatever expectations you brought into it?

It has definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s opened my eyes to some sexual fantasies I didn’t even know I’d be turned on to & the overall experience has been absolutely beautiful. I knew I was going to enjoy it, but didn’t realize I was going to become infatuated with it.

Your fans are glad, and we are just as infatuated with you. Just sayin’. 🙂

My fans are amazing.

On your Agency page, your age is listed as 22, but other sites have your birthday as April 8, 1993, which would make you 19. So set the record straight for us.

May 3rd is my birthday and I’m 22.

Just my opinion, but 22 is way hotter than 19. 🙂

I agree.

Tell us about your background and what growing up was like for you.

I’m from Mount Airy, NC, aka Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show, so very typical small town life. I was a straight A student and a competitive dancer. I was pretty well-behaved. Guess you could say I’m making up for lost time now.

Maddy O’Reilly is a pure Irish name, so what prompted you to choose it?

My first agent helped me with it. The redhair went well with an Irish theme, so I ended up Maddy O’Reilly.

Is your family Irish?

Just a little bit, I believe. I know we have a strong German background.

I could ask if you wanted a little more Irish in you since I am Irish, but I will be more tactful than that. 😛

Hahahahaha. 😀

What scene, up to this point that you have shot, has been the most enjoyable and why?

Ah, that’s tough. It’s between Young & Glamorous 3 by Jules Jordan, or my scene in Bombshells 4 by Elegant Angel. Those days I showed up on set and both directors told me “no rules”, so they really capture who I am as a performer. Rough, but passionate sex with two amazing male performers.

That leads right into my next question perfectly. Which performers that you have worked with have been your favorites? Which directors?

I have way too many performers to list. There’s something about every performer that I love. As far as directors go, James Avalon, William H., Kevin Moore, & Chris Streams are definitley some of my favorites.

That’s just a few though.

I am partial to your Young and Glamorous scene as well, so far.

Ah, that was such a great day.

I masturbate to that scene.

What a coincidence! So do I!

Lmao! 🙂 Great minds think alike.

Or masturbate alike haha.

I kinda doubt we masturbate alike with the equipment difference.

Lol very true.

Speaking of Rim Jobs, had you done that in your private life before shooting that scene?

Yeah. 🙂 Something about it drives me insane. I truly get off on it.

Again, great minds! lol


Curveball time.

Hit me. 🙂

Who are your favorite music artists?

Cold War Kids, Kings of Leon, Ralph Stanley, Wale, and Travis Porter.

Oh, and Fly Union, and Young Dirt.

If you visit, check out the band we just featured. I am a HUGE fan. Their name is Halestorm.

I definitely will. I love discovering new artists.

I do too, and always going back to my old standbys as well. I have a very eclectic musical palette.

Me too, it’s very broad.

If you are a reader, what are your favorite books and authors?

The 50 Shades Of Gray series, Come Back To Me and Another Way To Dance are just a few.

I just started reading Room, and so far it’s amazing.

What is your all-time favorite movie?

Big Daddy. I’m a huge Adam Sandler fan.

Good one, and Kristy Swanson is HOT!

Hell yes she is.

I am also a big fan of blondes.

Who would be your celebrity free pass and why?

Johnny Knoxville and Blake Lively. They’re both extremely sexy to me. Johnny seems awesome to be around and Blake Lively has the sexiest voice of all time. I bet she sounds even sexier with filthy things coming out of her mouth.

I can see why on both.

Loved him in Walking Tall with The Rock.

He did a great job.

Yeah, I loved that movie!

Back to porn for a bit, what have you shot that is yet to be released that we can look forward to?

I just wrapped Elegant Angel’s Best New Starlets, it’s going to be amazing. The girls in that movie are absolutely amazing. Also, Shades of Kink from Sweet Sinner is going to be epic as well. Both come out at the end of December.

And what else from Evil Angel?

Oh, how could I forget?!! Strap Attack 17 from Joey Silvera. It was my first strap-on scene. That is definitely a must see!

Hopefully the full covers and trailer will be up soon.

The full covers are up. Still waiting on the trailer though.

What are some types of scenes you have not shot that you hope to in the future, and do you have a timetable for them?  Is an anal scene in your future?

I haven’t shot a b/b/g yet and that can’t come soon enough. I also want to do a blowbang and will jump on that opportunity as soon as it arises. I have ideas for an anal scene, but no timetable on that yet.

 I wonder if I could guess your choice of male talent for that one. lol

For my first anal scene? That would be extremely tough to pick just one male talent. I have a few that I would want to take my anal virginity.

Maddy’s Anal Train.

That’s not a bad idea, lmao.

But likely VERY expensive to produce.

Speaking of expensive, imagine you are totally in charge and can cast, choose the director, choose the location, choose the scenario and what sex acts to shoot for your ultimate scene. What is it?

I would have William H. and James Avalon collaborate and direct it. I would want a dirty warehouse and me dressed in a tight-fitting white dress and red heels. I would have the top male and female performers line up and one by one destroy and degrade me before going into an all-out orgy. 🙂

I would buy that!


I want to do it so bad.

If you could, would you shoot more Euro-style, where fisting and watersports are allowed?

HELL YES. That’s what real porn is all about, in my opinion. 🙂

Perfect follow up then. You are the Queen of Porn for a day. What changes would you make to the industry and why?

Hmmm…..that’s a tough one. I stay away from discussing porn politics. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and views. 🙂

More charitable events would be great. 🙂

We make a lot of money as a whole, and it’d be awesome to see more people give back.

Sadly, too many spend it like they will be making that money forever instead of saving. 🙁

Yeah, that’s unfortunate.

Since this site is dedicated to those with ink, tell us what tattoos you have and what, if any, new ones you might add in the future?

I have a cross on my finger, “fuck u” on the inside of my lip, faith on my side, and a dragonfly on my lower stomach/vagina area. I have plenty. I don’t have any plans of adding anymore.

Your Twitter is @MaddyOReillyxxx. Is there anywhere else your fans can get more info about you? Any plans for a website?

That’s the best place for info on me and I just started building my website. It should be launching in mid-2013.

Your site may be the place you can cut loose and shoot what you want as hard as you want. Amy Brooke sure did. You should ask her about the “wet” scene she did on there.

I definitely plan on it being 100% me. 🙂

I will, that sounds hot.

Oh, it was. Of course I am a kinky bastard. lol

Kinky is the only way.

Is there anything that I have not asked that you would like your fans to know about you?

I send out awesome goodies for Humane Society donations. 🙂 Just forward your “thank you” receipt to

Well, on behalf of the Inked Angels crew and myself, I want to thank you for allowing me the privilege of interviewing you and featuring you on our site. Hopefully we can do this again when your site is ready to launch.

Thank you for having me! I’d love that, that’d be fun. 🙂

I hope you and your loved ones have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

You too!

Interview: Maddy O'Reilly

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Interview: Maddy O'Reilly

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