MFC’s Chloe Rose Featured in August Issue of CAMStar

MFC's Chloe Rose Featured in August Issue of CAMStar

By Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES—Chloe Rose started honing her pole-dancing skills six years ago in her native Vancouver, enrolling in beginner classes.

“And I fell in love with it pretty much instantly,” Rose says.

Now the MyFreeCams model says the art of pole dancing has become an outlet for her both “physically and emotionally.”

“I was gifted a pole last year by a girlfriend of mine and as soon as I put that thing up in my apartment it was game over,” Rose says. “You couldn’t keep me off of it. The thing I really can’t stress enough to those people out there who reduce it to something strippers do for easy money is that there is not one part of pole dancing that is easy.

“Every aspect of it requires hard work and practice right down to something as simple as how you walk around the pole. It’s incredibly physical, demanding and requires so much strength.”

Rose adds, “To truly be good at pole dancing means dedication and practice to achieve the results you see in clubs. That girl you just saw flip upside down then drop to the floor in the splits? Yeah, she probably spent a year training just to be able to do that. Tip her well.”

In this exclusive Q&A for CAMStar accompanied by 12 pages of photography by Keith Ryan, Rose discusses her path to camming, her days in the barbershop, her move to L.A., her sewing hobby; and even reveals how a figure from the Golden Age of rock and roll has influenced her.

Click here for the digital edition.

For bonus questions, see below:
CS: How have you been spending your quarantine? How has the lockdown affected your work schedule, if at all?

CR: Theoretically it shouldn’t affect me at all since I’m supposed to be so accustomed to working from home after all these years, but it really has changed things for me. I don’t get those little breaks where I can leave the house to get a breather, socialize with friends or blow off some steam. I really didn’t realize how important those moments where you step away from your work really are. They make a big difference in how productive you can be when you get back to it. Because I don’t get to do those things anymore, I notice myself having these slumps where getting myself to do work for 3-4 days in a row seems like pulling teeth. Sometimes I give in and allow myself a few days to just be a bum around the house but generally I try to just push through it.

How did you come to running a barbershop? Did you cut hair, too? What did you love about that job?

I started out working as a receptionist at the barbershop. The owner and I got along really well and became close friends (and still are). I just saw things that needed to be done around the shop and stepped in to help out where I could until eventually it just sort of turned out I was running things. I definitely picked up a lot of tips and tricks for my own hair care working there but I never cut hair. I tried giving a cut to a friend of mine at the shop one time while the owner walked me through the steps and to this day, I’m still sorry about that fade.

Does your friend [who helped you get into camming] still cam? What does she think of how far you’ve come?

My friend (Ashley Tea) actually just retired from camming a few months ago after a long and successful career as one of MFC’s top non-nude models. I don’t really know what she thinks of how my cam career has turned out but I’d assume she thinks fondly of it. We’ve known each other since high school and we’ll always have this experience in common now. I love her to bits.
How do you use MFC Share? What have been some of your most popular clips on Share?

My MFC Share is probably my number one used platform aside from my OnlyFans, where you can get the most recent content I have available. I also use a lot of the other features like fun polls where my members can vote on activities for my shows, ask me questions or join clubs that give you free or discounted content! As for my most popular clips—pretty much anything with my butt in it is going to be a top seller.

What does a productive day look like for you?

A productive day for me generally looks like this: I wake up, catch up on messages and send out content while I have my morning coffee, then get ready to shoot a photoset or video. Once I’m done shooting, which typically runs into the late afternoon, I’ll make myself some food and take a little break to do any personal things I need to take care of. I hop on cam around 8/9 p.m. and broadcast live until midnight.

What advice would you give a new cam model trying to establish herself?

Check out the resources that other cam models have put together for models beginning in the industry. A few of them have put together really extensive how-to guides that come straight from their first-hand experience and are full of useful information. If you’re starting on MFC, read their wiki page. Find cam models that stick out to you and take some time to watch their live shows before you do your first stream.
What kind of cat is Bubbles? What is one of your cooking specialities? What is it about dinosaurs that interests you?

Bubbles is a mystery cat. I think he must be part Siamese because of his eyes, but we don’t really know because he was found as a stray. I rescued him from an animal control shelter in East LA my first year living here and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. His eyes are crossed and his tongue hangs out half of the time and he’s completely perfect.

I make amazing apple pie from scratch, right down to the pie crust. The secret to an amazing apple pie filling is fresh ginger and lemon zest.

Lastly, I really don’t know where the dinosaur thing came from but for as long as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by them. I’ve watched probably every single dinosaur special/documentary in existence and the Jurassic Park movies are my favorite movies.

How did your mom help teach you the basics of sewing? What’s an example of something you were able to tailor for yourself?

She showed me how to thread the machine and the bobbin, how to sew in a straight line and how to finish a stitch. From that point on I was just drawn to it and as I messed around with my machine and was able to see what it did, I was able to grow my skills as well. I tailor nearly all of my pants now. I’m a curvy chick. I’ve got a small waist and full hips so jeans or any structured pants have always been a struggle for me to fit into. I’m not built like conventional sizes. It’s made shopping a lot easier for me now because I don’t get stressed when things don’t fit me like they should. I can throw on a pair of pants that don’t fit quite right and can’t wait to get them home and make them fit me like a glove.

What’s next for you—how do you see the rest of 2020 and beyond?

If you’d asked me in 2019 I’d probably have some really good answers to this question. I have no idea what 2020 holds for me, and I feel like we all probably feel a little uncertain about the future right now. My plan is to just keep working, stay consistent and stay in my lane until all of this is over. The world is going to look different for a long time after this pandemic. I think in a lot of ways maybe this is the reset we needed as a society to remind us what’s truly important. So, I guess with that being said, 2020 will include a lot of self-reflecting so I can figure out exactly what’s truly important and fundamental to my growth and my future.


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MFC's Chloe Rose Featured in August Issue of CAMStar

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