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My Evil Stepson – Evil Angel



Nina Elle, Sovereign Syre, Cherie DeVille, Dana Vespoli

What Evil Angel Tells Us About My Evil Stepson

Kinky female director Dana Vespoli is all about shattering boundaries, the social restrictions that can prevent us from fully examining our own sexual truths. In her latest collection of dark vignettes, My Evil Stepson, Dana explores the taboo-breaking erotic possibilities implied in the title. These dramatic stories add a special flavor to the hot, nasty, forbidden sex on display. – Evil Angel


My Evil Stepson finds director Dana Vespoli toying with her dark side, and I have to admit that I like it. Sovereign Syre starts us out in the first scene in a powerful performance that makes you feel guilty for enjoying it. She plays her role so well you can’t help but be confused by your feeling. This is the sign of a great performer. Cherie DeVille comes in next in another scene that tops the believability charts. This scene is light and airy compared to the first but comes away just as strong. Dana is up next in a scene I was excited for once I saw the box cover. It’s another scene that is a bit on the darker side but still leaves you wanting more. Nina Elle takes the final scene in an amazing performance. Her vocals are exuberant and her fucking skills are top notch. The filming in the beginning of this scene is creative and completely engrossing. This film shows a growth in Dana’s directing skills and I can only look forward to seeing what the rest of this year (and beyond) will bring. My Evil Stepson is worthy of nothing less than 5 Hard Ons Out Of 5 and my highest recommendation. Completely fucking amazing!

A Walk Through The Scenes

Sovereign Syre (@SovereignSyre), Xander Corvus (@XCorvus777)


Sovereign Syre is driving while talking on the phone (this is illegal in my state) explaining her bad day to her hubby and discussing his son (they don’t get along) when her day gets worse. She runs out of gas and sits on the side of the road as she finishes her conversation. She decides to walk to the dealership by short cutting through a wooded area. She ends up at a tunnel and after some hesitation starts walking through. She walks slowly taking in her surroundings, when a shadowy figure walks into the tunnel whistling. She lets out a sigh of relief when she realizes it is her stepson, Xander Corvus. He grabs her neck and pins her to the wall. A brief discussion about dear old dad leads him to tear her shirt open and rip her bra in half. He squeezes her tits and puts her to her knees then whips out his dick and she gives him a suck. He turns her around, pinning her to the wall and takes her from behind. She goes to her knees and gives him another deep suck. He pins her against the wall again taking her once more from behind and gags her a bit with her scarf. She bends to give him a suck before he lays down and she climbs on top to ride him. Turning around, she bounces on him in reverse. They move back to the wall and he goes at her from behind once again. She takes a good pounding before going to her knees and he jerks onto her mouth and face. Damn, that’s a powerful scene. Well done and totally believable. What a way to open the film.


Cherie DeVille (@CherieDeVille), Van Wylde (@VanWyldexxx)


Cherie DeVille comes home and hears an odd noise. She wanders the house looking for the source and finds Van Wylde in her room jerking off to her nightie. She freaks out and he tells her how it is. She continues to freak until he put his dick in her hand. She goes from disgusted to giddy in the matter of a stroke or two. He kisses her neck and they kiss. She gives him a stroke as they make out then she goes to her knees to give him a suck. She takes off her top and wraps her tits around his dick before sucking on him some more. Lifting her skirt and dropping her panties, she backs herself down onto his dick. She bounces on him then lays down on the bed. He gives her clit some oral attention before adding a finger and making her scream out in ecstasy. She asks for his cock and he gives it to her in steady missionary thrusts. She rolls onto all fours, and after a quick lick he slides into her from behind. She rolls around to give him another suck then climbs up for some cowgirl. She gives him another quick suck then some more cowgirl before turning around for some reverse. She rubs her clit as she takes a rapid pounding. She goes back to all fours and he takes her from behind before rolling over for more mish. She rubs herself out and cums hard before getting up on all fours for him to jerk onto her face. Another great scene.


Dana Vespoli (@danavespoli), Tyler Nixon (@tyler_nixon)


So, before we jump into this scene, I want to take a minute to say how cool it is to see this scene. Some of you will understand why and some of you may not. If you fall into the later category, I recommend you watching Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary and then you’ll see the reason I am so glad for this scene to be included on here. Anyway, on to the scene.

Dana walks into the house, talking on the phone about her husbands ED (you would think that Dana Vespoli being your wife would be a cure all for that, but…) when there is a knock on the door. It’s Chad Diamond as a shady drug dealer there to sell her some pills to remedy her husbands situation. As she walks back in, she hears a noise. Lo and behold, her stepson Tyler Nixon heard the whole deal go down. They have a conversation and as she becomes uncomfortable with discussing the topic with him. he pulls her rubber dildo out of hiding. She gets flustered and tries to grab it from her. He pushes her onto the couch pulling on her shirt as he kisses her. He sticks the dong into her mouth and puts her hand on the bulge in his pants. He fucks her mouth with the rubber cock as he drops trou then feeds her his dick. She gives him a nice suck and tug as he rams it down her throat. Moving to her knees, she continues to stroke on him while gagging him down. She rubs his cock on her tits before he feeds her the rubber cock. He fucks her face some more then lays her on the couch on her stomach and gives her a lick from behind. He gets into her from behind laying into her deep before moving her up to all fours and giving her a few good thrusts. He stops briefly to give her another lick then goes back to pounding her from behind. Back to her knees, Dana gives him another suck, swallowing him deep. Tyler takes a seat and she climbs up to ride him. She bounces on him before stopping to give him a suck then lays on her back. He slips in for some mish as she rubs herself out. He stops to give her a little lick then goes back to giving her a stab. After a good pounding he hops up and shoots off on her mouth and face. Wonderful scene. You really do feel the chemistry between them.


Nina Elle (@NinaElleXXX), Logan Pierce


Nina Elle sits outside reading a magazine as Logan Pierce comes out. He asks her some questions and heads inside. Now inside reading, Logan makes another appearance. He appears to make her uncomfortable with his constant arm brushing and whatnot. She gets a bottle of water out of the fridge and he appears behind the door. As she prepares for a shower, standing naked in front of a mirror, you expect her stalkerish stepson to appear. She gets into the shower and closes the door. Moments later he appears behind her and begins kissing on her neck. He sucks on her nipples and drops to his knees to give her a lick from behind. She is hesitant and resists a bit before giving in. Oh, and the way this is all shot (the shower surprise) is clever. Shown through the glass with the water running down and the sound of the water running. Nice touch, I must say. It puts you in the shower with them without being in the shower with them. It almost has the feel of being a voyeur, someone on the outside looking in, Spying on them, if you will. She turns around and gives him a suck and gags down his cock. She stands back up and he slides into her from behind. After a good wet pounding, he takes a seat and she climbs on top to bounce on him in reverse. And bounce she does, slamming herself up and down his length. They exit the shower and he sets her down to give him a suck. She gets onto all fours for him to take her from behind. He pounds into her as she whimpers and moans. She rolls onto her side and he keeps on pumping away. He takes a dive to give her a lick the lays behind her to spoon. He stands and she gives him another suck and wraps her tits around his cock. He lays back down and she fucks him with her tits before climbing on top on reverse. Another suck and he gets into her for some mish. He brings his dick back up to fuck her tits again as she spits on him. They go for a little more spooning then he brings her his dick and pops off on her face. Fantastic ending to this remarkable film.




DVD Details

Release Date: January 19th 2015 Running Time: 1:58 Studio: Evil Angel


Directed By: @danavespoli

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