Mystery World of Sex – Mongolian Barbecue

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Mystery World of Sex – Mongolian Barbecue


Kaci Starr, April Flores, Cadence St. John, and Smoking Mary Jane

What Mongolian Barbecue Tells Us About Mystery World of Sex

“A dream within a dream within a dream is exactly what MR. E s latest experimental erotic feature film is. From the Las Vegas strip to the sunny beaches of Miami, a series of surreal moments unfold. Shot in various formats, and often in slow motion, MR. E explores the eroticism of dreams and dream logic with some of the most beautiful and unusual women in the world. What starts with a girl smoking a cigarette, ends up being a fourth-wall breaking journey into voyeurism and seduction. Like a strange detective story, each girl s moments on camera bring the viewer closer and closer to the edge of mystery. The movie shifts from silent film to music video in mere minutes, as its style of visual storytelling foretells. Featuring a groundbreaking lead performance by Kaci Starr and an awesome soundtrack by All Lowercase Letters and We Are Ghosts, this is the must-see erotic mindbender of the year.” — Mongolian Barbecue

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Mr. E gives a glimpse into an intriguing realm of sensuality and taboo in Mystery World of Sex. Six hauntingly erotic vignettes unwind before our eyes. The content is definitely steamy and suggestive rather than pornographic, sending a lascivious charge straight from my eyes to my crotch. The teasing scenes deliver plenty of seductive action, accentuated by the moody lighting. Kaci Starr gives an electric performance. Gorgeous Cadence St. John is showcased in a memorable scene of self-pleasure and smoking. Mary Jane tantalizes with a leg tease and titty play that kept my eyes glued to the screen. April Flores is sybaritic in her glamorous photo shoots. While not for everyone, I found the far-from-ordinary eroticism of Mystery World of Sex to be a unique pleasure, a teasing change to the usual suck-and-fuck of my movie-watching existence. You won’t forget this moody offering, which earns my solid recommendation at 4 Hard Ons out of 5.

A Walk Through the Scenes

Scene 1 – Kaci Starr (@misskacistarr) & Brock Doom (@BrockDoomFORNOW)

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Kaci Starr gives a seductive striptease to Brock Doom as he lies in bed. Damn, what a fine body she has! She rubs her pussy as his hands trail up and down her curves. Kaci takes out his dick and touches him while he photographs her. She seductively rubs his shaft and herself, then disappears from the darkened room.

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Scenes 2 & 4 – April Flores (@TheAprilFlores)


Beautiful and curvy April Flores has a photo shoot that bookends another scene, going through a variety of poses and outfits. The camera lingers over her lush body as she is in various states of undress.


Scenes 3 & 7 – Cadence St. John (@CadenceStJohn)

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Striking beauty Cadence St. John seductively undresses herself, touching her lovely inked body. The hazy camera contributes to the dreamlike feel as she rubs her tits and pussy, while her eyes connect through the lens. Her expression gives a feeling of sensual energy and contentment that makes her scene electric.

Cadence finishes out the film with a mysterious scene in a garage as she enjoys a cigarette, languidly letting smoke drift out of her luscious lips.

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Scene 5 – Smoking Mary Jane (@sexymaryjanefan)

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Smoking Mary Jane sits on an apartment staircase puffing away. She spreads her legs wide in an erotic panty tease. She heads inside, lying back on the bed and unbuttoning her shirt to stroke her breast. Mary Jane takes off her top and blots her lipstick. What a lovely pair of boobies! The scene cuts to the kitchen, where she wears a short dress and tries on stockings, and we watch voyeuristically. Brock Doom films her as she slides the hose up her legs, ending with lingering shots of her nylon-clad feet.

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Scene 6 – Kaci Starr & Brock Doom

MWOS s6-1

Kaci Starr shows off a pinwheel lollipop, slowly and seductively removing her clothes. The camera lingers over her body as she reveals her firm rounded tits, flat tummy, and neatly trimmed mound. Brock Doom teases her nipple with his finger. Kaci takes out his cock, rubbing him slowly as her glance pierces the camera.

MWOS s6-2

Special Features & Extras

Trailer, Photo Gallery, Short Film with Kaci Starr

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DVD Details

Release Date: August 29, 2014. Running Time: 1:53. Studio: Mongolian Barbecue.

Directed By: Mr. E (@MisterEphoto)

Review By: Pornvert

Twitter: @Pornvert


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