Natasha Grey

Natasha Grey

This sexy tattooed slut comes from Cleveland and loves hardcore metal music! Wanna know where the craziest place she’s had sex was? Well keep fucking reading then! 

Where are you from?

Cleveland, Ohio



What do you have for tattoos and/or piercings?

Currently working on my Japanese bodysuit! Besides my little face tattoos like my freckles and my heart outline by my eye, I have two snake and flower sleeves from my shoulders to my knuckles, my Tebori dragon side piece, my one butterfly back piece and a handful of small ones I stick & poked when I was a teen. 

What type of music do you listen to and who is your favorite band or artist?

I love slam, death metal, doom metal, hardcore. The stoner in me also enjoys rap, but I’m a goth girl at heart.



Craziest, wildest or kinkiest place you've ever had sex?

One late summer night, I asked my friend to take us to a place where nobody else would be. We drove through the back roads and found a spot near the side of the highway, where I got on my knees and got a facial! I’m a show off, so of course I asked him to take pictures of it. That was my last time fucking outside.. I need to do it again! 

Favorite sexual position?

I love any position where I can see my partner’s face. However, doggy style just hits different! 3 minutes or less in that position and I’m cumming, no doubt. 

Biggest turn on and biggest turn off?

Turn ons – I love dirty talking during sex. A lot of guys are shy and don’t even moan during sex. I’m constantly like, “Did you miss my little pussy?” “How bad do you want to cum inside me?” Just to provoke more dirty talk. Just push my face in a pillow and call me names.

Turn offs – The only thing that comes to mind are the guys who claim they would date a sex worker or have dated one to gain some kind of leverage or trust. Good for you, that doesn’t mean I’ll fuck you. 

Have you ever squirted?

I have! I can’t make myself squirt for some reason, but the classic fingering maneuver does the trick when someone helps me! Cue the song I get by with a little help from my friends…

Have you ever masturbated with something uncommon (anything but a toy or fingers)?

Funny you should ask, I was just requested to do anal with something *big* that was NOT a dildo. The dude was like, “Any handles? What about poles?” POLES?! I told him I’ll fuck a cucumber and that’s all I got. It was kind of hilarious and the video looked great so it was worth it.