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Two on One with Kenzie Taylor

Two on One with Kenzie Taylor

Interview by Burghcpl4Fun

We had the pleasure to be able to spend some time talking with Kenzie Taylor and getting some insight into this blonde bombshell’s life both in and out of the industry and what a pleasure it was.  Thank you to Kenzie for taking the time and to Tanya Tate and Star Factory PR for making this happen.  Her on-screen performances are superb and we are sure the future will bring many more memorable things.  If you haven’t been introduced to Kenzie let this be a reason to introduce yourself to her, as if her beautiful blonde 5’7″ 38DDD frame isn’t enough her on-screen presence cements her in the adult industry now and for years to come.  Be sure to check out her social media links at the end of this article to find more about her.    

First off could you share a little bit about how you got into the industry, where you started and what brought you to the point you’re at today?

Yeah, well I’ve been in the porn industry for a little over 5 1/2 years now originally when I first started in the industry I was living in Tampa FL. I was a stripper for about 7-8 years. I’ve always been a very sexual person obviously and I loved stripping, I love strip clubs in general still to this day but you know I met a lot of feature dancers and quite a few of them was obviously adult film stars, and some of them that I talked to I just would like to pick their brain.  Just ask different questions about the industry I don’t wanna be too invasive or like annoying or anything like that but I just was interested.  I was working in health care and I was working like 70/80 hour weeks and I was like falling asleep driving and I didn’t have much of a social life and I was just really really unhappy, you know like going to school for something that you’re not happy with feels like a waste of life.  I wanted to do something where I could have more freedom only be myself but have freedom of like my scheduling and just my everyday life and kinda like being my own boss in a way and, like I said I’ve always been interested in porn so like I kind of just looked it up myself.  I looked at agencies, I contacted an agent they contacted me back, they told me we need like this amount of photos of you, send us your stats, so I did all of that via email I sent it back to them they got back to me within like 24 – 48 hours and they were like you’re beautiful we love your photos we would love to have you come out here to California.  You can come here and stay in a model house we’ll take you on go sees, get you photos, and hopefully get you some shoots and I was like sounds good! Within two weeks I came out to California and I had my photo shoot my second day I was there, I was doing my first porn shoot my fifth day I was there and I was with Zero Tolerance the male talent was Mark Wood who’s an industry veteran and then the director was Mike Quasar, who is one of my favorite people.  So that was a pretty amazing experience to have that for my first shoot because I was dealing with two pros and they were very helpful and you know like just told me the breakdown of everything before we even rolled so I kinda knew what I was like walking into ’cause I just I had no idea.  There’s no like how to do porn tutorial or like teacher or anything like that you know so I pretty much just listened and paid attention and did my thing and they liked me and I guess everybody else did ’cause I continue to get bookings.  I stayed out here for probably about like 3 weeks and then I ended up going back to Tampa, I was in Tampa for maybe not even a month and my agents like hey you know I think you’d be really successful if you would just move here just because a lot of the last minute bookings and stuff like that are in LA and Vegas and I was like OK and I wanted to be a serious about my career move so I packed up my stuff I sold basically everything I owned and I moved across the country. I don’t know anyone here none of my family is here so I literally had no friends or nothing so it was pretty scary so yeah and here I am today!

Great story, fills in a lot of lot of questions. So, you said yes you started dancing and you know we know you’ve done some feature dancing is that something in this day and age now with the whole COVID pandemic that you want to continue once things kinda change and get a little better and open up?

So, I’ve been dancing since I was able to, so I’ve been stripping since then I’ve just been In love with, I don’t know just, the whole aspect of it.  I don’t know how to explain it but I just like I love it I actually was like a waitress for a little while and then I kind of just like watched the dancers for a few months and then I was like man I wanna do this!  But I kind of really like study them and stuff like that and like analyze like how they go up to people and how they danced in with their hustles like and I just I don’t know I I really liked it so that’s how I got into it.  But, feature dancing is different because of course you’re hustling but you’re being paid by the club to be basically their guest of honor for that evening and you’re doing you know one to two shows at night and most of the time it’s I’m there for three days and I’m doing 2 shows each night and they’re all 15 minutes each so I mean that’s a pretty long time to be on stage but I do the best I can to engage with my fans and stuff so yeah I mean obviously COVID is affecting that.  My entire feature dancing tour for 2020 everything was cancelled I mean I pretty much feature danced like every other weekend in a different city and all about it has been cancelled and I would of course love to go back to that but obviously we’re dealing with something we’ve never dealt with before.  You know the world as a whole so no one really knows what to expect and you can’t have expectations in general but especially when it comes to something like this so I mean of course I wanna go back to feature dancing it’s just a matter of when I can, when it’s safe.  You know it’s all about my safety and health.  Which is why I like AVN, they cancelled everything, everything’s virtual for them and then Exxxotica I’m not sure what they’re doing but I let them know like I’m sorry but with the circumstances of everything I don’t feel comfortable going to the convention at this time.  So yes, I definitely want to go back to feature dancing.

Yes with the conventions that’s a whole other thing up in the air.  We did see your tweet about  Exxxotica and not making it to any this year and know AVN has gone virtual we haven’t been sure about Xbiz but we were all set to be at  Exxxotica Chicago when all of this started and in New Jersey and it’s like yeah no it’s not happening for us as well.

Yeah, I was supposed to go to all of them as well except the Miami one, but I was like yeah, it’s just it’s not gonna workout unfortunately.  Just like I said the health and safety comes above all when it when it comes to my work stuff and that goes for filming as well so yeah that’s just where I’m at with it but I do love feature dancing very much. I love the conventions all of that so I’m really bummed about it but nothing I can do you know out of my hands.

With this pandemic how has it affected what you’re doing as far as filming and making content? Are you ready to get back to filming? Have you changed and released anything onto clip sites?  How are you kind of getting through this pandemic from that end with restrictions?  

Not really anything for me I’ve always had my website which is my Onlyfans and I also have a PornHub premium where people can purchase videos on there as well.  But that hasn’t changed I’ve had that for you know a couple years now but as far as shooting during the quarantine I mean obviously everybody knows I’m dating a male performer so like both of us were able to film for companies during the time of the quarantine you know since we were in the same home and stuff like that.  As far as going on sets and what not, you know we didn’t do that for like four months but now we’re just starting to film again for companies and is a lot different because we have to be COVID tested within 48 hours before our shoots.  When we come on set they come out and take our temperature we fill out like a health waiver questionnaire thing and stuff like that and then obviously we have our regular full panel testing for STD’s, and all of that.  So that’s changed on that aspect I mean the sets are even safer than they were before and cleaner everything’s like medical grade clean.  Now it’s kind of a little crazy like people spraying down stuff.  Yeah I mean as far as like website and stuff like that like nothing’s changed on that and I’ve always still had my same website and I’m always posting content there and I have studios with other performers I do solos offer custom photo and video sets so I’ve actually been really busy on there due to not filming as much.

What are some hobbies or activities that you enjoy doing outside of the industry?

I started taking piano lessons, but my music school shut down right now but that’s pretty cool.  I have two dogs so doing stuff with my dogs.  I live by the beach in California in Santa Monica so I love that to enjoy riding my beach cruiser and uh my biggest hobby would probably be working out.  I really love working out and workout like six days a week.

 Working out is that gym time or is it any type of sports you play to stay active and fit?

Well you know I played sports my whole life I played softball from when I was six all the way until I was 23 and played all the way through college. I played ice hockey. I did Muay Thai. I haven’t done really any sports though in a while because with everything going on and then before COVID hit I was just so busy like I said I was out of town like either every weekend or every other weekend feature dancing and then on top of that was filming and doing all these conventions and stuff like that it takes up a lot of your time.  You know and when I am home I just wanted a chance to be able to kind of catch my breath for a moment and now it’s like I’ve had a lot of time home so I’m like ah all I want to do is travel!

Have you taken the time to try out any knew anything new that you were interested in or any new hobbies?

I don’t think I’d say anything new per say, like definitely taking more time to I like to do a lot of like work with other people.  I’m in a program, I’m in sobriety so I like to work with other people and read and do stuff like that with them.  I know it might sound like weird but I just I like to help other people and like to work with other people in a spiritual aspect, so I like to do that type of stuff for sure.  But I won’t say I really tried anything now maybe just riding, getting new bikes, and riding bikes with my boyfriend I guess that’s new because we got new bikes.

 Back to some of the industry stuff, you’ve been nominated for a lot of awards and you’ve won a lot of awards. Is there one of those wins that you know you hold kind of the closest to you, that you really wanted and said I know that’s going right in the center of the mantle when you won?

Um it’s hard I guess probably the biggest one would be the most recent one I had was the AVN just because it was the first of its category it was best trans-gender one on one sex scene with Aubrey Kate I think that this really is really special because like I said that’s a very specific kind of award.  That movie was everything to me like I put everything that I had into Captain Marvel XXX so that really meant a lot to me and I really love Aubrey Kate I think she’s an amazing performer and she’s very kind and just beautiful and just kind hearted in general.  So her and I had a lot of fun with that so that means a lot but as far as like nomination wise what meant a lot to me was obviously being nominated for best actress for Captain Marvel XXX because like I said that was like everything to me and I never was given any opportunities prior to that to be in any type of like acting roles or anything like that so Axel really took a chance on hiring me and obviously he was pleased with the end result.  If you watch the movie and then you see like how many awards it won and all the reviews for it, it’s pretty stellar and it’s still unbelievable to me but yeah super grateful.

So with everything you’ve done up until this point is there something you know, whether a role or really more a scenario that you haven’t had the opportunity to do up to this point that you look forward to or is somewhere down the line?

Yeah obviously I would love to do more roles where I can do acting that would be amazing, so getting put in more like feature movies or stuff like that.  So that would be amazing but ultimately eventually I’d like to film my first DP scene and I wanna be able to pick like who it’s for I wanna pick the males that I do it with but like I really would like to do that for sure that’s something that I’ve been thinking about for like the last three years probably.  But I feel like there’s a time and a place for everything and I just haven’t had that that right moment yet where I’m like OK I’m online I’m ready so because I’m still getting used to like Dp’ing myself like with a penis in me and a toy at once and it still so hard so gotta get opened up per say.  

Something I can definitely speak to it is definitely something that you have to be in the right frame of mind.

Yeah picking the guys too I think would make it a lot better like this I can fix you guys I would pick Seth Gamble and James Dean or I would hmm this is really hard, I would pick Seth Gamble and Xander Corvus I think either of those but probably the first one is something like I’ve always like wanted.  Or Seth Gamble and Charles Dara would be really hot too, so but that’s all I can think of.  If you can’t tell I just love Seth Gable! But yeah so that’s all I can really think of.  Is just like getting more acting roles and then eventually doing my first DP and I’m sure there’s probably tons of other things and I’m just not thinking about at the moment actually I can think of another thing so DP with guys but I also would love to do a DP with two trans women if I could do a DP with Aubrey Kate and Casey Kisses Oh my God that would be so hot. I love both of them.

You’ve worked on and wrote Inconceivable for Pure Taboo correct? So is that kind of, is it something you’d like to expand on as far as you know writing and getting into the producing type end of the business at some point?

Definitely, I really want to direct that’s my goal. Ultimately my goal is to do directing and producing with my boyfriend I think that both of our minds together and both of our drives and ambition put together could be a really powerful thing and I think the product we would make would be phenomenal, especially because we’re both performers so just being a performer and then getting like behind the scenes of the camera and stuff like that it’s just you know exactly what you’re looking for and how you want it to look like you can visualize just everything.  As far as writing I mean yeah maybe I can write a thing or two but for the most part I would come up with scenarios and then I would pay a writer to actually write the script.

OK nice so to kind of flip it a little bit out of the industry, and get a little bit of insight at home, both of us we have a foodie background, we’ve been in the food business so when you open up your refrigerator or your pantry what is the one thing that has to be in there you cannot live without?

Red Bull Blueberry and Peach I don’t have any drugs and alcohol in my life anymore, but I do kind of abuse my privilege to caffeine and I will say my Red Bull intake and my coffee intake is a little insane those things or um what are they called can’t think of the name of what they’re called I think they’re like Bark Thins or something but they’re like pretzels and dark chocolate sea salt so you can get it at Whole Foods really good!  Yeah there in a bag it’s like white and blue love them.  Yeah, it’s addicting you could like sit down and eat the whole bag for sure if you like what did I just do?  But it’s so good!

So we talked about you starting in Tampa  now you’re out in California and we know you have traveled for your feature dancing type things but what is 1 bucket list like trip that has always been there for you that you have yet to do?

Well my favorite place in the whole world is London and I would love to take my boyfriend there.  So going to London and then maybe going to Italy and then, not sure would be really cool and then after that maybe uh like Costa Rica somewhere tropical to end the trip but definitely London.

 Interesting choice, it’s not been somewhere we’ve gone but that’s an interesting location, we’ve talked to people that have been there and say it is a cool city.

Tons of history and I’m like I really like World War Two stuff and it has just tons of history from World War Two there so it’s pretty cool  

So, you’ve said you kinda enjoying bike rides things like that, so you know on your bike you have headphones on what are you listening to?

It depends on the day um I like a little bit of everything I like piano music, I like Sinatra, Elvis, I like Metal Lamb of God’s my favorite I like some rap I like Davies, Kevin Gates, AZ I literally like a bunch of different stuff it really just depends on like my mood I guess like when I’m feeling better

In performing you have had quite a few girl girl scenes is that something that is in film and not outside of film or do you consider yourself bisexual?

 I’m pansexual I really really love women, I love men, I love trans individuals, I love gay people I love everyone, and I have had sex with all of them.  I’m definitely pansexual that’s what I identify as definitely.  If you’re asking about lesbian scenes yes like I definitely have sex with girls on film and when I’m not on set.  I like the ladies!  I love her little giggle.

 As she is sitting here saying yes, she is also for sure.

                yeah, my boyfriend he’s like OK so you’re like basically lesbian but you love me.

OK it just took me a little longer in life to figure it out but that’s OK

 One last question, we see your first feature dance headlining was in Pittsburgh how did that end up being where it was?

                Honestly I don’t really know all I know is that I do my booking through A-list features and they blast out my photos, my name, and my social media outlets and all these clubs will go look and then look at their availability and be like what dates do I have open.  Everyone was booking me for like later days that they had open and wanted me there and that club just so happened to want me like right away.  Actually, one of the managers there was a really big fan of mine so that worked out pretty well because they treated me like a Princess there.  They were like I mean I can’t even tell you how amazing the staff was there, dancers like everybody was just so kind like above and beyond it was it was really cool.  Like they even went and got me my favorite peach and blueberry Red Bull they and put it in my dressing room on ice for me when I got there and they got me Canada Dry ginger ale which is also my other favorite drink I just thought that was really cool, even flowers.  So, it isn’t like I wanna go here but it’s more along the lines of who wants me, and I’ll be there!

We will make it a point to be there the next time you make it up this way!

                Sounds good to me

 Alright well again we thank you so much for your time

Awesome thank you guys so much I really appreciate it have a great rest of your day

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