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Raw 18 – Evil Angel



Luna Star, Ash Hollywood, Sovereign Syre, Vivie Delmonico

What Evil Angel Tells Us About “Raw 18”


“Raw 18 is director/stud Manuel Ferrara’s Newest showcase of unscripted, minimally edited footage shot on private dates with his most lustful porn girl biddies” – Evil Angel

This was the first of the Raw series that I have seen. Also this was the first film I watched by/starring Manuel Ferrara. I wish it had been a better experience. The first scene starred Ash Hollywood in her car and was the best out of the four. The second showed Vivie Delmonico in a no bullshit fuck. This was followed by the Sovereign Syre scene. I had never seen any of her work before and feel as though I have been cheated. Absolutely stunning girl (her eyes are amazing). The last scene featured cover girl Luna Star in a poorly shot (horrible angles) romp in a hotel room. Overall it seems like the scenes are more about him than the girls. If it wasn’t for the performance by Ash Hollywood and my introduction to the beauty that is Sovereign Syre, I wouldn’t be able to give this film the 2 out of 5 Hard Ons that I’m giving it.

A Walk Through The Scenes

Ash Hollywood (@AshHollywood), Manuel Ferrara(@manuelferrara)


This starts out with a nice build up with some playful banter between Ash Hollywood and Manuel Ferrara. She is explaining how she hasn’t had sex in seven days. They park in the driveway and she slides her seat back. He does the same and she give him a little oral attention. Eventually the clothes come off and she mounts him reverse cowgirl in the front passenger seat moving to cowgirl. She gets off and gives him some more mouth to cock love. She gets back on top cowgirl and he sets the camera down on the dash. He fingers her ass while ramming her with his rod. He starts slapping her ass leaving some nice red hand prints on her pale flesh. She move s to reverse and cums. This doesn’t stop him though as he takes her from behind while she sits/lays on the console. There is some light choking before he picks up the camera in an awkward position with her still sitting on the console. There is some more choking and face slapping while he pummels into her. He sits down in the driver seat and she goes down to suck his balls and lick his ass. He gets out of the car and opens the passenger door and Ash bends over the seat. He pumps her from behind. I’m thankful at this point, as I was starting to feel a little claustrophobic. They run inside and get onto a couch where she continues to suck and lick his shaft. He puts the camera back down for some spooning as he jackhammers her to ecstasy. He gets up and stands/straddles her while she coaxes a hot sticky load onto her face and chest followed by some more playful banter.


Vivie Delmonico(@VivieDxxx), Manuel Ferrara


The camera is set on a table pointed at a couch which makes the sound a tad distant. This also basically blocks the sex in the scene. No build up. Right to the couch and a waiting Vivie Delmonico for some kissing and touching. It doesn’t take long before the clothes are off and he’s in her missionary. They switch to her bouncing on his pole and back to mish. He mounts her face for some cock sucking/ball licking and decides its time for a close up. He grabs the camera for a shadowy POV blow job (the sound improves here). She rides him cowgirl and is flipped to missionary while he chokes her. The camera is set back on the table for a full on shot of some missionary into spooning into finger fucking with some pussy eating thrown in for good measure. She gets off on this so he grabs the camera for a full body pan. Then its back to the table for the camera and back on top for him. She finds her way back on top of him cowgirl before riding his face. The camera is back in hand for some POV doggy action. Camera back to the table and back to doggy followed by spooning, choking and slapping. He gets the camera back for a blow job and a little reverse cowgirl. This is followed by foot play and some finger fucking which gets her off. She then tugs a load all over her face, tits and stomach.


Sovereign Syre (@Sovereign_Syre), Manuel Ferrara


Mr.Ferrara is giving direction to Romi Rain for a scene he is about to shoot when Sovereign Syre walks in. The first thing I noticed was her eyes (I know this is porn and I should be scanning her tits and ass but look at those eyes and tell me they don’t just steal your attention). There is a little playful chit chat and she decides to stay and watch. The camera is left on a table facing Ms.Syre who plays with herself a bit while watching the scene being filmed (off screen). She keeps eyeing the camera and finally grabs it to give us a close up of her diddling herself. Manuel walks by and catches her. He kisses her and squeezes her tits. They then find themselves in a small bathroom for a quick makeout session. Back to the room for the Romi scene which is finishing up. There is more chit chat then everyone leaves. This all lasts approximately fifteen minutes, and while moderately entertaining, was an odd inclusion. Honestly, I think this would have been better as a BTS or bonus. Anyway, finally on to the scene. They start with some kissing before moving to a sofa. Sovereign’s dress comes off leaving her in just her cowboy boot (which I have to admit is a refreshing change from the standard heels). The angle is bad though and for the most part you only see the tops of their heads until they move to a side viewable position, which is still lacking in visual stimulation. He goes into what appears to be typical Manuel Ferrara (at least in this film) with some choking and slapping. He grabs the camera for a POV blowjob and titty fucking. Switch to a full shot of the sofa and Sovereign riding cowgirl before he gets on top missionary. They spoon, he gets a blowjob, back to spooning and then missionary. Its here where he finishes in (what I can only assume is an accidental) distance view. She takes his load in her mouth. He gets up to grab the camera and she follows for some up close sucking and more talking. I’m not gonna lie to you. I wish this scene was filmed better. In retrospect, the best part of this scene was when she snagged the camera for the solo tease at the beginning.


Those eyes….


Luna Star (@cutelunastar), Manuel Ferrara


The Scene Starts with Luna Star posing for some stills. Manuel grabs the camera for a close up of her tits, grabs her neck (seriously) and squeezes her tits then sets the camera down for more stills. She starts to strip and he grabs the camera again and starts talking. Basically, it’s back and forth between him taking stills and picking up the video camera for closeups, This goes on for about ten minutes or so. He finally sets the camera down and dives face first between her legs. Sadly though all we see is the back of his head. He again grabs the camera, bringing her to climax, but the camera is zoomed in on her face. He films her shaking her ass and giving herself a rub down. Then another POV blow job The camera is back to the table for some deep throat followed by missionary complete with choking. Again the angle is bad. She again slobs his knob and hops on for a cowgirl ride. He flips her to spoon. She goes down on him again while he fingers and licks her ass. They change position a few more times before she gets on him reverse cowgirl. This is the only position the camera angle works in. Unfortunately this is short lived. Basically they roll around and fuck constantly changing positions. The camera is in a bad position to see much of the action (as is the case with most of this film). Additionally, this affects the sound quality, but if you’ve made it this far, your used to it by now. He eventually picks the camera back up for some doggy. She sucks him off before riding cowgirl. He’s holding the camera still so at last we get to see whats actually going on down there. It was worth the wait. Though unfortunately, this too is short lived. He sets the camera down as she bends over a chair and he pounds her from behind. They go back to the bed and spoon. Camera back in hand for some close up mish then its back to the table while he fucks her face. He picks up the camera as he shoots a load in her mouth and on her face.




DVD Details

Release Date: May 27th 2014 Running Time: 3:27 Studio: Evil Angel

Directed By: Manuel Ferrara

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