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Wireless remote controlled, 20 patterns, double ring for extra support

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Intensity 10
Quiteness 2.5
Uniqueness 10
Orgasmability 10

We’ve had some times, Mr. Marcusand I. I’ve so enjoyed my moments with the manand the vibrator that I made him my partner in my reviews of Pipedream’s C-Ringz collection.

Before I review the fourth of these supple, silicone rings, won’t you stroll with me down memory lane?


The Twin Teazer Rabbit Ring impressed me with its dual bullet system. A vibrator tucked inside each ear provides all-encompassing clitoral stimulation. The ring held its own against Marcus’s girth, as did Jenna Haze.


The Ride N’ Glide Couples Ring was apparently made for actual couples vs. a girl and her vibrator. Regardless, I stand by the ledge of the tub idea, and this toy’s endlessly enticing ribs.


The Ultimate Couples Cage actually does work well with a toy–just not a toy with balls. I had to stray from Mr. Marcus once more, but Alanand I fully enjoyed the addition of penetrating vibration.

Tonight, I brushed the dust off Mr. Marcus(just kidding… he’s, like, at the top of my toy chest) and we opened our fourth and final C-Ringz.

The Remote Control Rabbit Ring features–are you ready for this?–a remote control! A vibrating bullet fits inside of a bunny-earred clit stimulator which secures around your partner’s penis with double rings, much like the Twin Teazer.


Imagine for a moment that your lover has hands. This toy would enable him to control the vibrations wirelessly in any position–no cords to deal with or with button to fumble for between his legs.

Imagine for a moment that your lover is exceptionally tall or maybe brought a friend. The remote works from up to 25 feet away, easily allowing a bystander to join in your play.

Even better, you can control the vibration yourself. Let your partner focus on penetration while you keep the clitoral stimulation to your liking. And you WILL like it, because man, do you have options!

Twenty of them, to be exact. Enough patterns to make one dizzy. Enough patterns that there’s no room to diagram them on the box. Enough patterns to “find the function that’s right for you,” though, honestly, if 19 isn’t enough, you’re doing it wrong.

The best news of all is that if your partner is a gorgeous, thick, nine inch vibrator with hefty balls and a mesmerizing smile–I mean, shaft?–you’ll have a kick ass time with this toy.

As with the Twin Teazer, the rings fit Mr. Marcus’s form just right. The included Moist lubricanthelped the bullet slide in behind the bunny’s ears. The ears on this Rabbit are smaller and closer together than those of the Twin Teazer, which I found a little odd. No clitoris is landing between those things, so a different shape seems better suited, but that piddly problem is the extent of my complaints.

The vibration was intense and buzzy. I outstretched my arm above my head and enjoyed cycling through all 20 (the remote worked great!) but spent most of my time on level two.

Mr. Marcus and Pipedream, you never disappoint. I look forward to future collaborations with you both.

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