Ronda ArouseMe: Grounded And Pounded – Burning Angel

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Ronda ArouseMe: Grounded And Pounded – Burning Angel



Kleio Valentien, Sammie Six, Arabelle Raphael

What Burning Angel Tells Us About Ronda ArouseMe: Grounded And Pounded

In this inspiring and moving parody film, Ronda ArouseMe (Kleio Valentein), The Olympic medalist in Kama Sutra and Reigning UPC (Ultimate Porno Championship) woman’s bantamweight champion, charts her difficult path tho sexual glory. Marked by her signature charm, barbed wit and undeniable power, ArouseMe sets out to train for one of the toughest fights of her life, and shows YOU what it takes to become the most SEXUAL woman on Earth. ArouseMe will square off for glory against her long standing opponent and foe, Miesha Taint (Sammie Six). Will Ronda’s signature Tit Bar be executed with devastating results? Will ArouseMe be able to withstand Taint’s crushing right pussy punch? You’ll find out, in the pornographic film of the decade, Ronda ArouseMe: Grounded And Pounded. – Burning Angel


If every MMA fight was as hot as Kleio Valentien and Sammie Six rolling around together, I would be a die hard fan. As it stands I don’t know jack about it except what I see on social media. What I do know is that Burning Angel delivers a pretty fucking entertaining film. Laugh out loud funny and sexy as fuck. From the pictures I’ve seen, Kleio and Sammie are the perfect cast for their real life counterparts, giving the film a sense of believability. Not to mention they are both smoking hot. Now as much gushing as I can do over our cover girls, let’s not forget that Arabelle Raphael is in this film as well. While she may not have a title role here, she does have a pretty intense anal scene. Why we don’t see more of her, I’ll never know, but I do wish that would change. Joanna Angel and Small Hands make cameos as announcers and deliver the comedic genius that we have come to expect from Burning Angel. So in the end, if you have any love and appreciation for Burning Angel (and I would assume you do, since you are here reading this) why you are questioning this film’s merit is beyond me. All I can say in closing is you need to go out and buy a copy of this 4 ½ Hard Ons Out Of 5 worthy film. No self respecting porn consumers collection is complete without it!

A Walk Through The Scenes

Kleio Valentien (@KleioValentien), Derrick Pierce (@THEDPIERCE)


Kleio Valentien…err…Rhonda ArouseMe…uhh…Kleio; Kleio and her trainer, Derrick Pierce discuss the upcoming bout with Sammie Six…or, well Meisha Taint. Getting in the ring, they go through a few holds when every wrestlers greatest fear comes true for Derrick. He rocks the apparent hard on through his shorts. Though if we are being honest, if you have the opportunity to roll around on the mat with Ms.Valentine and this doesn’t happen… Anyway, Kleio isn’t put off by this. Instead, she is interested in seeing his “take down.” After a little kissing and some nipple sucking and her shorts come off. He dives in for a taste before she gags him down in a deep suck. She rides him cowgirl and the in reverse with a quick suck in between. An intense spoon fuck leads to a quick face sitting and a good pounding from behind. She rolls to her back and her splatters her tits in jizz.


Sammie Six (@SammieSix)


Meisha…Sammie Six finishes her work out as the gym is closing. Arabelle Raphael, her trainer, gives her some advice. Sammie towels off and a blue rubber cock falls out. Stripping off her shorts, she decides to cool down in her own fashion. She gives herself a rub as she sucks the blue dick before giving herself a little self pleasure. For a solo scene this is pretty fucking hot. Or maybe it’s just Sammie. Regardless of the outcome of the pending fight, this girl is a knockout!


Arabelle Raphael (@ArabelleRaphael), Mo Johnson (@Moe_the_Monster)


Officiating the fight is Mo Johnson. He is in the process of checking out the ring when Arabelle Raphael comes in trying to sway his decision. He’s not interested until she shows him her ass. They kiss and she loses her top before dropping to give him a wild sloppy suck. Getting her pants off, her gives her a quick lick then stuffs her slit as she gasps. After a little mish and some deep spooning she climbs up to bounce on him in cowgirl. She moves to all fours for him to fill her ass until she screams. They shift to some anal spooning as she rubs herself out then she goes to her knees as he jerks onto her face and she sucks and squeezes out the last drop.

There is some conversation between Mo and Arabelle that I’ll leave you to see for yourself.


Kleio Valentien, Sammie Six


On to the main event, Joanna Angel and Small Hands are our ring side commentators. This is priceless! Joanna and Small Hands deliver pure comic gold here. The contestants are announced and the Official does his thing. The bell sounds and Ronda and Meisha… Or Kleio and Sammie, begin their bout. Seeing the two of them roll and grapple is a fun experience. The winner is announced and instead of taking a celebratory lap around the ring with arms raised, a celebratory lap around the clit is chosen instead. Grappling leads to rubbing which leads to kissing and top coming off. More kissing and rolling around and Sammie parts are ripped off and Kleio gets a taste before giving her a rub. Kleio drops her pants and rides Sammie’s face before giving her another lick and an intense finger fucking. On all fours Kleio receives a lick from behind and a good finger fuck. Sammie takes a turn on all fours and gets a deep fingering in return. Kleio takes to her back for a fingering and a lick then some kissing to end this fantastic film.




DVD Details

Release Date: September 28th 2015 Running Time: 1:42 Studio: Burning Angel


Directed By: @JoannaAngel

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