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Confession: This review is three days late. On the first night, I eagerly unboxed my new toy and found that I had neglected to include a charging cable. My dismay was so complete that I actually attempted to charge the Impulse with my iPhone cord. It was a lonely evening.

The second night, I pulled from my purse a cable I’d foolishly grabbed from Taboo without testing, because it “looked right.” Right, it was not. After ten minutes of jamming it into the toy and willing it to work, I gave up and turned to my Lelo Siri.

The third day, the gods of sex toys smiled upon me and showered me with Sensuelle testers and cables. In what can only be described as an honest-to-goodness miracle, I am now the proud owner of seven perfect, identical Sensuelle charging cables. (Who’s a hoarder? I’m not a hoarder! You’re a hoarder.)

I suppose I was feeling the effects of my wait, because that evening I sort of jumped the gun. The Sensuelle Impulse features unique touch technology, and by the time I realized I wasn’t actually in that mode, I was having far too much fun to stop and reset. Also, it was not exactly fully charged. I am nothing if not a thorough researcher, so I waited one more night, and on the fourth night I used the toy to its full potential.

The Sensuelle Impulse uses a handy USB charging cable that plugs into a wall wart or your computer. The (correct) cable and wall wart are included, if you actually purchase the toy instead of greedily pocketing a demo. You should charge your toy for 6-8 hours before its first use. A flashing blue light indicates that it’s charging and a solid blue light lets you know it’s good to go. After the first use, a full charge only takes about two hours.

Here’s what I would have said about my Impulse had I written the review on the third night:

Its deeply powerful motor is felt equally throughout the shaft.

It features seven modes of vibration and pulsation. The first is mildest enough for a sensitive beginner and the third will satisfy the most hardcore vibration junky.

The second is just right for me. Levels four through seven feature pulsation and escalation, if you’re into that sort of thing. Of those, my favorite is four, which is sort of like sexy machine gun fire.

It’s silicone and water-resistant. (Not submersible.)

It has one of those easy grip hook handles that I love so much.

The only possible con is it’s not the quietest toy in the world, but it still beats 90% of my toy cabinet. (Yes, I said toy “cabinet.” YOU’RE a hoarder.)

So level two and I shared a spectacular three minutes on the third night, but on the fourth night I experienced what really makes the Sensuelle Impulse unique. In addition to its seven levels of vibration, it has a touch sensor mode. When the toy touches your body, it automatically comes to life. Three separate sensors control its intensity, so the farther you penetrate, the stronger the stimulation. Without touching a button, it responds to your body’s requests for increased or decreased intensity.

I love the Sensuelle Impulse’s size and shape. It’s only about four inches insertable; perfect if clitoral stimulation is your thing but you sometimes crave a deeper orgasm. Its tip is slightly curved and broad, and its ridges define the three touch sensors. Also, it comes with a cute satin bag, so you can store your toy, cable, and wall wart in one place, never again resorting to stabbing your precious Sensuelle with a We-Vibe charger. Most importantly, this toy KNOWS me. It responds to my body and the pressure it applies. It gives as good as it gets, and for that I enjoy and respect it. That’s right. I RESPECT my vibrator. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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