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March 29th 2016

Wicked Pictures has a tendency of putting out some of the best features in the adult industry. Paying attention to the storyline as well as the acting abilities of the cast. Sexbots is one of those films. The story surrounding the scenes is fun and makes you think a little about the future of sex while offering a very believable cast (if Asa Akira doesn’t win many awards for this role, my faith will be lost in humanity) and some great scenes of hot fuckery. Not that it isn’t already mentioned on the box, but this film offers a couple of firsts as well. First up is the gangbang in the secont scene. The box boasts that this is Asa’s biggest gangbang ever. Ms.Akira takes on eight cocks and I suggest you watch this. It is pretty amazing. Second (and more important to me) is the final scene featuring all three Wicked girls together. This apparently hasn’t happened before and I for one am quite glad I witnessed it. Asa Akira, Stormy Daniels and Jessica drake send this highly enjoyable film off on a high note in a fantastic all girl three-way that has to be seen to be appreciated. Filmed brilliantly with great sound, Wicked Pictures and director Brad Armstrong deliver a film that needs a home in your collection.

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Inked Angels 10
Schwing 10
A/V Club 9.5
Box Appeal 9.9
Cum Again 10

What Wicked Pictures Tells Us About Sexbots

All Three Wicked girls together for the first time ever! Featuring Asa Akira’s biggest gangbang ever! Award winning director Brad Armstrong looks into the future where scientists have created the Ultimate Sexual Companion, and after a decade of work they’ve achieved perfection. – Wicked Pictures


A Walk Through The Scenes

Asa Akira, Brad Armstrong

Brad Armstrong plays a scientist who has spent years perfecting the sex doll in the form of Asa Akira. As the voice over gives us all the background info that we need to jump right in, we fing Brad in his lab with a nude Asa lying on a table. He ‘activates’ her and one cannot help but be impressed by Asa’s acting performance. I mean, for a moment you almost want to believe she is actually a Sexbot. Initiating her sexual programming, Brad gives Asa a good finger fuck and clit licking combo before she drops to the floor to give him a suck. Getting a led up, she takes a pounding from behind and standing. Moving onto a table, Asa lays back for some anal mish but her eagerness and hunger for more causes her to push Brad onto the floor where she rides him cowgirl and then anal in reverse. She jerks him to completion and brad sets off an alarm. Asa gets back on her table and lies down.

Asa Akira, Tommy Gunn, Eric Masterson, Steve Holmes, Ramon Nomar, Marco Banderas, Eric John, Dirk Huge, Jovan Jordan

All the workers rush into the room and find Asa on the table. Her scanner asserts the situation and she awakens chanting ‘more’ as the guys begin to devour her (and her, them). Proving to be Asa’s biggest gangbang also proves to be one hell of an enjoying watch. The group of eight scientists don’t let an inch of the gorgeous sexbot go without attention. Caressing her skin, sucking her toes, and fingering, licking and kissing her all while stuffing her face, pussy and ass with their cocks. After taking all the dick (at times, more than one at once) and receiving their loads her sexual appetite roves to be too much. The same fate befalls the eight as did Brad in the first scene and the all collapse to the ground. Dressed, Asa leaves them to wander.

Asa Akira, Stormy Daniels, Jessica Drake

Asa finds herself in another part of the laboratory where Stormy Daniels and Jessica Drake encased in containment units. She activates them and begins a historical all girl three-way of legendary proportion. Folks, this is one of those scenes that no matter how I arrange my words, justice cannot be done. You truly need to see this scene to fully grasp the magnitude of what is being offered here. Trust me and go buy a copy now!


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