“Solo in NJ 2018” – Inked Model Amy Day


Tattooed Babe Amy Day Takes Things Into Her Own Hands!

Tattooed Babe Amy Day Solo Masturbation

Cast: Amy Day
Resolution: 1920×1080 HD
Length: 12:52
Category: Solo
Costs: $19.99
Where You Can Buy: ManyVids


“This is what happens when I’m alone…”

– Amy Day


Reviewer #1

So last week we had our first double review and it was of “Ask mAlice For a BJ” from inked honey SuzySirenXO.  This week we’re back to just a single review but if you liked the two review system please let us know in the comments below.  Now that is out of the way, time for this week’s clip review and it’s “Solo in NJ 2018” from inked babe Amy Day!  Besides clips, Amy is also a camgirl on the MyFreeCams platform.  Ms. Day is also a regular at most of the adult conventions like the AE Expo (AVN) or Exxxotica.  Without any further delay, we hope you enjoy our review of “Solo in NJ 2018” from inked babe Amy Day!

The scene starts with Amy removing her MFC bikini top, revealing her gorgeous tits!  I already like the way this is starting!  Next up, she begins to do a slow tease as she unties and removes her bikini bottom!  Her pretty pussy makes a quick appearance, along with her tattoo that says “Love & Trust.”  The scene cuts to Amy, naked and alone, on a couch with a dildo and hitachi wand.  She’s rubbing her pussy with one hand and the other on one of her amazing titties!  Then she reaches for the dildo, licks it, then stuffs it in her muff.  A change of camera gives you a bird’s eye view of her jamming her pussy.  Amy then pulls the dildo out and deepthroats it over and over.  If you’re not hard yet, you better go see your doctor!  A butt plug, yes you read that right, along with some ass smacks follows.  With the butt plug in, Amy starts up her hitachi wand and starts massaging her clit.  At one point, she’s using all three, the butt plug, dildo and hitachi wand!  With the dildo buried in her, she definitely cums, no doubt about that!  She continues playing with her pussy as the scene fades out.

Now that we’ve done a walkthrough of the scene, let’s get the negative out of the way.  The first thing I’d like to touch on is I wish there were more louder moaning or dirty talk involved in this clip.  There was some moaning but not much dirty talk.  I’m a fan of a title screen and end credits, which this clip lacked but it gave us multiple camera angles so I can overlook that.  To me, the title screen and/or end credits make me feel like the producer put more effort in it and I feel, it gives it a more finished feeling.  Really though, these things are nitpicking and only for the sake of this review.

Now for the positive!  Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, Amy Day, is a hot tattooed babe!  Gorgeous tits, beautiful ass, a stunning face and a pretty pussy, what more can you ask for?  Like I said above, I really enjoyed the different camera angles.  The close up angle of her pussy getting rammed by the dildo was a huge turnon!  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting the butt plug but it was a welcomed addition!  If you can’t get off to this video then I think there may be something wrong.

I see in her ManyVids store she has a wide variety of clips and I hope to be able to review a B/G or B/B/G works soon!  

Reviewer #2

And there we go or my second review. Woohoo! I’m gonna uncover this slowly…well because I like the tease too and I like surprises. First, the title ‘Solo in NJ 2018’ starts with a massive tease. Because well, I was in NJ in 2018 and I’m guessing this is at Exxxotica NJ so already I’m wondering where was I? Was the shot in the room next to mine? How come I missed seeing Amy Day…what else did I miss?? Oh well. The preview picture shows an MFC top performer that sets the tone. That girl was next to the Inked Angels booth and somehow I miss it! We already know it’s a solo video and while I’m not usually a big fan of solos I can’t wait to see what Amy has in store for us.


Houston we seem to have a problem. I don’t know if it’s me but there’s no sound as Amy is taking her top off looking at me…or I guess the camera but it definitely looks like she’s looking at me;) I’m not a pro but those juggs are a good…32…wait 34?…I’m not sure they’re massive and look definitely real…never mind the sound is here…it’s just very silent for the first few seconds. Now that we saw the top part which is delightful I have to say it cuts to the unveiling of what I envision being a nice booty. Sorry, I’m just sharing my thoughts here…let’s see what happens…
The ‘Love & trust’ tattoo is a nice touch….wait she’s now on the couch…I didn’t get my ass shot! Ok, there you go for my first “negative” point. I feel I got screwed…the unveiling, the tease….and bam no ass shot.

Anyway, now Amy’s on the couch. She ruined the surprise, I can already see there’s a Magic Wand behind her and what looks like a good 9 incher? Again I’m not good with size, I only know its smaller than me;) At this point, I feel like the camera should be in between her legs…or me…or both..you know what I mean. The sound is definitely working. I can hear the moaning 😉 And the dildo is going all in…not like after the turn and the river but literally all in.

Ahhhh! My front pussy shot is there so never mind for my previous comment. The camera is now right on the action, on a nice freshly shaved pussy pounded by what looks like it could be me. The vision on those massive boobs is delightful I have to say. I kinda like the double-action where you can see her sucking on that dildo in the background while she’s caressing her pussy in the foreground. That’s some Stanley Kubrick shit only hotter.

Annnnd Thank you again. I’m now getting my ass shot and what looks like a shiny butt plug. Now I can see the ass in all its splendor and I’m not complaining so far.
I didn’t have time to write that last sentence that the butt plug is in…and thank you again, Amy, for those ass slaps…it’s always a good turn on. And here’s the Hitachi taking center stage for some nice clit stimulation. Hearing what I’m hearing I can assume Amy likes that kind of stimulation. The “fuck me” half moaned is a nice touch while staring at the butt plug.

That was way too short. We’re moving now to a different position from the side. I’m a behind kinda position guy so the side view is never for me but I’m still watching 😉 The little glance once in a while are most likely genuine or it’s very good acting because I can hear her say “oh yeah baby” talking to me…or begging for more. Although she seems to have a hard time looking at the camera at times, her eyes are rolling, she’s biting her lips. I totally imagine there’s someone next door and she’s trying to stay silent but that Hitachi is working so well she just let it out. She even smiles at times so I know whatever is happening is real, she’s definitely enjoying herself. Another reason I know is because that video is actually pretty long. No girl would do that for that long if it was not to reach the holy orgasm at the end.

Annnnd the end…wait the end? Ok, I’m a bit disappointed I was hoping for a huge orgasm like screams and squeezing the couch, biting her lips not to scream as the butt plug would come out…that might be just my own fantasy here.

Ok, overall first of all Amy is hot as fuck or as kids say these days AF. Big boobs, nice big ass…everything a man could want..or should want anyway. Good job on one thing, I never once paid attention to her tattoos so I can’t say much about those I was focused on everything else happening on the screen. Whatever happening in this video is definitely genuine or she’s really good at faking it which I don’t believe. The quality of the video is great no doubt. I feel like it’s missing an ending like the ultimate apotheosis.

Overall we think this is a great solo clip and because of that we’ll give it a 9 out of 10 stars!  Please make sure to give Amy Day a follow on Twitter and catch one of her MyFreeCams shows!

Photos from the Clip

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So what do you think of this review?  Comment below and let us know!



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