Spunked 2 – Evil Angel

Spunked #2


June 7th 2016

What happens when you combine the brilliant cinematography of Maestro Claudio, the monster cock of Mick Blue, four super hot ladies and a few bottles of Spunk Lube? You get a fucking mess that looks like a great fucking (literally) time, that’s what! Mick uses the Spunk Lube to his advantage filling the girls anally and vaginally before using toys and prior to giving them each a deep dicking. Watching the thick synthetic jizz ooze out of the beautiful holes of the attractive female cast is hot and really makes for a fun watch. Mick also uses to Spunk Lube to cover the girls in the intro to each scene which is quite fun as well. The scenes start out fun and end up being really hot in true BAM Visions fashion. This is one exceptional release from the BAM duo that is a must see, must own, multiple watch extravaganza of hot yet slippery fuckery. It may sound unprofessional to say, but this just may be BAM Visions best release yet. Go out and buy a copy now, you won’t regret it. And go ahead and pick up a bottle of Spunk Lube while you’re at it. That shit looks like fun!!

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Inked Angels 10
Schwing 10
A/V Club 10
Box Appeal 10
Cum Again 10

What Evil Angel Tells Us About Spunked 2

BAM Visions presents ‘Spunked #2,’ a filthy mess of ass reaming loaded with lewd anal gaping and infused with heavy wads of slimy white lube that looks like elephant cum! Veteran stud Mick Blue and accomplished cinematographer Maestro Claudio direct the four-hour marathon of raw, passionate sodomy. – Evil Angel

A Walk Through The Scenes

Lexi Lowe, Mick Blue

Lexi Lowe has a conversation with Mick as she shows off her assets (and accent) before he squirts her tits with Spunk Lube. And I’ll be damned if that stuff don’t look like the real thing. This is a fun introduction and to be honest, I could listen to her talk all day. She teases a bit for Mick and we are the lucky recipients. Getting her pants off she shows us her jeweled butt plug and Mick Spunks her ass. He removes the plug and fills her pussy and ass with Spunk. She pushes it out like a mock creampie and holy fuck is it hot (hint, hint: buy the film and see for yourself). She drops to her knees to give him a deep wet suck, gagging him down and letting the slobber run down her chin. While she sucks we get some great POV shots showing off her gorgeous eyes. Moving to the couch, he give her a good licking before sliding his shaft into her wet slit for a few good pumps. He fills her up with Spunk then gives her another stab letting the artificial goo flood out. Filling her ass with more Spunk he probes her with a glass toy as well a a black rubber cock. Enough fun with the toys, Mick digs his dick deep into her ass for a fun pounding in mish before she takes to all fours. Covered in Spunk, Lexi takes Mick into her ass for a rigorous pounding from behind. She offers a great suck and (Spunk covered) tit fuck before riding him in anally in reverse. We are treated to a great view of her gorgeous ass here as she bounces it on his dick. Turning around for cowgirl he switches holes, taking her pussy then ass and she rewards him with a suck and a bit more anal mish before he pops onto her mouth and face. Fantastic opening scene.

Kleio Valentien, Mick Blue

Kleio Valentien poses in a super hot black outfit by a wall as she talks to Mick about their past work and what is about to take place. Kleio looks amazing (as usual) as she shows herself of and Mick has her walk so he can film her as she moves. They make their way to the couch for more posing. As she poses on all fours, Mick Spunks her ass with a great camera angle on her posterior. He offers her his cock and she willingly gives him a suck. As she strokes him, he covers her tits and outfit with Spunk and she plays with it, giving it a taste and provocatively rubbing it in. Stripping down, she reveal a blue jeweled plug in her ass and shows of the rest of her outfit. Sitting in a chair, she finishes removing her pants and strokes him with her Spunk covered feet. He fills her pussy full of Spunk as she gives herself a rubdown. He removes her plug and the combo of Maestro’s camera angle and the high def makes this a remarkable view. Seriously, you could buy this film for this alone and it would be money well spent. Filling her ass with Spunk, he toys her ass with the plug as she continues to rub. Moving on to a glass cock toy, he probes her ass from a couple different positions before dipping his cock into her warmed up ass in a piston like fucking from behind. The Spunk Lube running down her leg as he thrusts is sexy as fuck. She has a seat for the glass dick to probe her once again. They make their way through the house before she lays back for Spunk injection and a missionary pussy pounding. Moving on to an anal pounding the Spunk Lube flows freely from her fucked holes. After showing off her Spunk covered ass, Kleio drops to give Mick a deep wet slobbery suck before laying back for and intense spoon fuck both vaginally and anally with Spunk being added throughout. Another suck followed by a beautifully captured anal ride in reverse. As she lays on her back more Spunk is added and he gives her another deep pounding and she sucks him off into her mouth. She ends the scene dirty talking the camera as a black toy fucks her wet slit. Thank you Kleio and thank you BAM Visions for such a great scene.

Jarushka Ross, Mick Blue

Jarushka Ross sits on the couch to talk to Mick and I realize that could listen to her talk all fucking day. Beautiful beyond words and sexy as all hell, Jarushka all but steals my heart in this opening. And those eyes… Sweet mother of all things unholy, those eyes! Why is the adult world not giving us more Jarushka Ross scenes?!? Folks, I know that I have mentioned this before, but you really need to buy this film. You need to experience her beauty for yourself. Just saying. Anyway, she has her talk with Mick and she shows off her piercings and gorgeous body and he introduces her to Spunk Lube. As a former gymnast she shows off her flexibility (BUY THIS FILM!!!) and as she shows some moves Mick Spunks her. She shows her tits and asks Mick if he wants to Spunk them. How fun is that. You gotta love when a girl gets into it like that. She moves to all fours and twerks as he covers her ass in Spunk and fills her pussy as well. She lets it drip out and run down her leg before laying back for Mick to remove her plug, fill her with Spunk and probe her ass with a glass toy. She takes a throat fucking while delivering a slobbery suck and lets him fuck her Spunk covered tits. They move into a deep spoon fuck with lots of Spunk injected (and oozing out) before another toy anal probing. Dipping his dick into her ass in mish he slips the toy into her pretty pussy as she moans out in that sexy accent. Thrust me, the word ‘fuck’ has never sounded so hot. Switching hole, he slides into her Spunk filled slit as she toys her own ass. On all fours she takes a deep anal dicking and more anal toy play then gets on top for a ride in reverse. The view from here is amazing as Mick covers her ass in Spunk. She takes a vigorous anal pounding from behind sending her into a chorus of moans, gasps and squeals before he pops off on her face. Filling her with Spunk, he toy fucks her pussy to close the scene. Folks, you really need to see this scene. Jarushka is absolutely amazing from start to finish. Also more companies need to be booking her a lot more often. Again, just saying.

Gia Page, Mick Blue

Gia Page lays on the couch teasing her gorgeous (fully clothed) body as she talks to Mick. Watching Gia is always a pleasure and I am excited to see her get the BAM treatment. I have always said that there are girls I would watch fully clothed and enjoy it as much as a nude scene and this is definitely one of those occasions. As she walks around and teases, she looks amazing and the camera apparently thinks so as well, the way it follows her with tight shots and great angles. Mick Spunks her ass as she shakes and teases before she frees her ass from her pants. She gives it a shake as Mick Spunks her exposed cheeks. He asks to see her nipples and then Spunks them. Great close ups of her face which is always a nice touch. Folks, I know you all know this, but she is so pretty. Her smile is infectious and her eyes have a genuine sparkle to them . Just felt like sharing that thought with you all. He shows her his cock and she drops to give it a suck. She works her way out of her pants and gives her cute ass another shake and he loads her up with more Spunk. As she shakes, Mick offers Gia’s ass a plug and offers her pussy a load of Spunk. As she continues to shake, the Spunk drips out of her slit. He has her squat and the camera is there to capture each drip. Laying her back he fills her holes with more Spunk and plays with her ass with the plug He gives her clit a rub then has her walk to the other room and get on all fours on the couch. He gives her a lick from behind before having her lay back to fill her up with Spunk and introduce a glass toy to her ass for a probing. Filling and toy fucking, the Spunk flows out of her in amazing streams. Gia stands to show her mess and Mick takes her from behind in a deep anal pounding a stream of Spunk running down her leg. Damn, that is really fucking hot! Laying her back on the arm of the couch and loading her with Spunk, he takes a dip into her wet pussy before diving deep into her ass, Spunk spilling out as they fuck, She gives him a great suck with a great POV angle giving us plenty of time to enjoy her beautiful eyes then takes another deep anal dicking from behind. She rides him anally in reverse and holy mother of hell the view of her ass just may give you a heart attack. Fucking amazing!!! She turns around for anal cowgirl and the view is just as great. A deep anal spoon fuck culminates with him popping on her mouth and chin. A quick shot of Spunk and she takes an ass fuck from the toy once more. What a fantastic close to a fantastic film.


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