Squirt For Me – Hard X

Squirt For Me - Hard X

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Squirt For Me -Hard X



Bonnie Rotten, Zoey Monroe, AJ Applegate, Dani Daniels, Riley Reid

What Hard X Tells Us About Squirt For Me

AVN award winning best new studio, Hard X, is proud to present “Squirt For Me,” a celebration of non-stop female ejaculation. Watch as William H’s camera lens is cum drenched by the finest squirters in the industry, including AVN Performer of the Year, Bonnie Rotten, AJ Applegate, Dani Daniels, Zoey Monroe, and Riley Reid. Watch as these stunning girls, soak, douse, and produce some of the wettest squirt eruptions in porn! – Hard X


From what I gather, this is William H.’s first release on the Hard X line. Let me tell you, folks, he comes out of the gate swinging. This film is shot wonderfully, giving lots of great angles and the audio is solid throughout. I hope they continue working together as this was a wonderful piece of cinematography. As for the content; folks, bring a raincoat. Pulling together some of the greatest names in female ejaculation, you know you’re in for a wet time. Bonnie Rotten starts us off in the first scene. Bonnie doesn’t disappoint as she gushes out gallons of girl juice. This had me a little concerned as we have been burned before. Putting her first, it’s hard to top as the film progresses and you forget you are watching a squirt film. Next up is a fantastic scene with Riley Reid. I gotta say, she gives Bonnie a run for her money here. Squirt after squirt and flood after flood she leaves the couch a sloppy dripping wet mess. This scene actually stole the show for me. AJ Applegate and Dani Daniels take the next scene together, and while it takes a bit for the juices to really fly; once they do, they definitely hold their own against the first two scenes. The surprise for me was the final scene with Zoey Monroe. Holy fuck, what an amazing scene. She put all the other girls on this film to shame with her ability to fire off an amazing succession of geyser like eruptions of her girl juice. So to put this in a nutshell; this is one great film that holds true to it’s title. 4 ½ Hard Ons Out Of 5 and a definite recommendation for squirt fans. Bring on volume two!!

A Walk Through The Scenes

Bonnie Rotten (@thebonnierotten), Manuel Ferrara (@manuelferrara)


Bonnie Rotten gives a brief talk before her nice intro tease. She teases by a waterfall (which is very fitting come to think of it. Turning herself into a waterfall next to a waterfall is clever as fuck). Inside she finds herself in the hands of Manuel Ferrara. Oh, and her tit in his mouth. They make out as he gropes her ass and tits before he slips his hand into her bikini bottoms and begins giving her a rub. Some more kissing and nipple licks leads to her on her back on the couch. He peels her bottoms off and dives face first into her squirt box. He sucks on her clit and he fingerbangs her. No eruption yet as he sits down and she gives him a suck. She swallows him deep and strokes him furiously before they lay down to spoon. He fucks her hard and rubs her clit, then she takes over the rubbing giving us fountain number one. She rolls on top to bounce on him in reverse. He rubs her down, getting her ready, and she takes over and erupts a second time. Some more reverse cock riding leads to another squirt and she drops to give him a suck. She gets on the couch on all fours and he gives her a pounding from behind while fingering her ass. She climbs back on top in reverse and more clit rubbing leads to another squirt. She gives him a quick suck and they go for some more spooning. He pumps her good and gets a nice geyser out of her. Bonnie grabs a hitachi and holds it to her clit as he watches. She works herself into one hell of a mess before her takes it away and puts her back on all fours and takes her from behind again. She gives him a brief suck and they move on into some mish. He pumps her as she rubs her clit and the dam breaks loose. She floods the couch in and eruption of Bonnie juice then climbs up for some cowgirl. She rides his face then gives him a suck before a little more cowgirl. He rolls her off and hand her the wand again. She vibes herself into another squirt. He takes her in mish as she continues to vibe and gives off another shower. She gets on her knees and sucks his balls as he strokes and shoots onto her tongue. Great, high energy opening scene.


Riley Reid (@RileyReidx3), Ramon Nomar (@RamonxxxnomaR)


Riley gives a brief talk about squirting before her tease. She is everywhere, inside, outside, on the stairs, by the fire place all just shaking it in her little bikini. Folks, this is a fun tease. Riley is already smoking hot, right? Now picture her dancing around, shaking her ass and all that. Yeah. Great opening. You actually hate for it to end and the actual scene to start. It does though, and Riley ends up by a couch with Ramon Nomar. After a little groping, he slaps and squeezes her pussy and she begins to stroke him. He lifts her up and gives her a finger fucking that causes her to erupt in a nice squirt. He bounces her on his cock until she floods all over him (and the camera). She drops to give him a suck and he fucks her face. While she is still on the floor, he gives her another furious rub causing her pussy to gush out tons of girl juice. He sits and she gives him another suck before joining him to spoon. He trusts into her wildly as she rubs on her clit He fingerbangs her again and she gushes onto his hand. He takes her in mish, throwing his dick into her slit as he sucks on her toes and kisses on her feet. They share a quick kiss and he gives her clit some oral attention before slipping her a finger or two and causing her to erupt again. He gives her a few more thrusts in mish before she gets on top in reverse. She rides his cock while giving herself a rub down and loses more fluid, spattering the camera again. He slides back in and rubs on her until she rains down on him like an orgasmic hydrant. Another go round leads to another geyser. As they keep the process up, she squirts three more times, constantly losing more and more liquid. She stands over him and her fingers her causing a steady flow of precious juices dripping down on him. She lowers herself onto his dick, facing him this time, and bounces steadily. She stands and he fingers out another flood. She bounces on him some more and he again fingers out a nice squirt. He lays her onto the floor with her ass on the couch. After a few good pumps, he digs his fingers in deep, working her into a liquid frenzy and she gushes into the air, with her fluids landing on her body and face. He tries this approach again and again, each time, getting her to fire off a fine sprinkler of juices. He gets himself a taste of her holes and slips a finger in her ass. He pumps into her upside down body again and she gives off another spray. She holds onto him as he picks her up and bounces her on his dick. She lets off a few good squirts before he sets her down and jerks himself onto her face. She sits on the couch and he fingers her into a squirt once more. Not quite satisfied yet, Riley gives herself a good fingering and floods the couch one final time. Holy fucking hell, folks. This is one wet and wild fuck. I feel like I need a damn towel after that.


AJ Applegate (@AJApplegateXXX), Dani Daniels (@MissDaniDaniels), Erik Everhard (@ERIK_EVERHARD)


Both AJ and Dani talk briefly before the scene starts. AJ starts off the tease session in a slow sexy grind next to a pool. Dani comes on the screen next doing a fine job herself at getting the viewer warmed up. They meet and fawn over each other a bit before wandering off screen. We see them again as they kneel on a couch kissing. They get each other out of their outfits (if you can call them that) and Dani lays AJ down and takes a dive between her legs. She gives her slit tender, concentrated licks and sucks her clit before adding her fingers. Dani gives her a good finger fucking that definitely gets her juices flowing. Erik Everhard comes in and puts Dani on her back and wastes no time burying his face in her snatch. As he licks at her and slips her a finger, AJ sucks on her tits and toes before sitting on her face. Dani rolls up and begins licking AJ from behind and Erik slides his cock into Dani from behind. He moves onto the back of the couch and the girls suck down his dick each taking turns filling their mouth. He slides down to sit and AJ climbs on top of him for a ride as Dani plays with her ass. AJ gives him another suck as he rubs on Dani’s clit. Dani takes a turn, riding him in reverse as AJ rubs her down. Dani stops to give him a suck, then he puts AJ on all fours. Dani gets in front of her to get her clit licked by AJ as Erik plows into AJ from behind. Dani fingers herself and AJ climbs on top of Erik in reverse. After bouncing on his dick for a bit she works herself into a nice squirt and Dani’s face catches as much of it as she can. Dani then rubs her into another fine fountain before sitting off to the side and sending out a self induced flood of her own. AJ continues to ride Erik and Dani keeps on working herself before helping AJ release another geyser or two. The girls stop the action to give him a suck. They take turns swallowing him down and tugging on him. AJ goes to her back and Erik gets into her for some mish as she rubs her clit. She rubs out a volcanic eruption of her girl juices, then Dani rubs on her to work another one out. Erik takes Dani from behind as she finger fucks AJ briefly. AJ comes around to catch Erik’s load which she then shares with Dani in a kiss.


Zoey Monroe (@RealNikkiB), Mick Blue (@MickBluexxx)


Zoey Monroe gives a brief talk before giving her super hot tease. This is another tease that you almost hate to see end. She stands with Mick Blue by a couch as they kiss and they both feel on each other. He rubs her clit and she gives him a tug. He turns her around and pulls down her bikini bottoms then buries his face in her ass. Now here is the surprise. Using his mouth, he pulls a small steel pug out of her ass that she was hiding. Didn’t see that coming. They both take a taste of it and he goes back to giving her ass a lick. She drops to give him a suck and he pumps into her face. They move onto the couch to spoon. She works her clit as he pounds into her and within a mater of minutes she fires off a series of four geyser like squirts. He brings her his dick for a suck and they go back to spooning. Two more eruptions later, she climbs on top for some cowgirl. She bounces on his thrusting cock and lets loose a few more good streams of her girl juice. He puts her on her back and folds her in half, sliding his dick into her ass. She rubs her clit and works herself into multiple volcanic eruptions of her fluids before climbing on top of him in reverse. She lowers her ass down on his dick and rides him hard, releasing an amazing display of her squirting powers. He continues to thrust into her ass causing her to once again go into multiple orgasmic releases. She moves onto all fours on the couch and he slips back into her ass, giving her a good hard fucking. He pulls her hair as he rams into her ass. They lay on the couch on their sides facing each other and her slides into her slit. This doesn’t last long and she goes to her back and he goes for her ass again. She rubs her clit for a few more squirting displays. He moves her to the floor and covers her face with his load. She gives him a quick suck then moves back to the couch. He gives her a quick finger fucking and she rewards him with a squirt. He goes for a second and she rubs her clit into a fantastic eruption to close out this amazing scene. I would just like to add, that if I am ever lost in the desert, I hope she is there. The amount of liquid this girl produces could keep a guy hydrated for days.




DVD Details

Release Date: January 14th 2015 Running Time: 1:59 Studio: Hard X

Directed By: @WilliamHnutsack

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Squirt For Me - Hard X

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