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Texas Patti On The Move!

By Tod Hunter New Scenes from The Bi-Continental MILF Star Are Available Online Now MUENSTER, GERMANY — Bi-Continental MILF star Texas Patti has dropped new Euro-scenes...

10 Popular Tattooed Pornstars on Twitter!!!

Do You Follow These Popular Tattooed Pornstars on Twitter? Social media is definitely one of the biggest ways a girl can build a following in...

Texas Patti to Pay Grocery Bill for 5 Fans Under Lockdown!

By JC Adams LOS ANGELES — Texas Patti is giving back to fans who may be struggling because of "stay-at-home" orders during the pandemic lockdown....

10 Tattooed Babes From Germany You Should Know!

So this week's geography lesson is on the country of Germany. From the land known for Octoberfest, Rammstein, and gorgeous babes we bring...

5 Tattooed Pornstars And Their Favorite Xmas Song!

The last Thanksgiving plate has been washed, Santa has come down 34th St. in the Macy's Day Parade, lights have been hung and trees...


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