Tattooed Hottie Viivi Clouds

Inked Babe Viivi Clouds

Tattooed Hottie Viivi Clouds comes to us from sunny California and has 27 various tattoos! This wannabe anal queen loves to get her freak on. When she’s not having sex in public, she enjoys listening to Rob Zombie and getting spanked! If you’d like to find out just how far she can squirt, keep reading! We hope you enjoy Viivi’s feature, and make sure you check out all of her social media accounts to see what she’s up to next! 

Where are you from?

California, USA



What do you have for tattoos and/or piercings?

I have a septum and tongue piercing, and around 27 tattoos on various spots all over my body.

What type of music do you listen to and who is your favorite band or artist?

I have no real music preference but some of my favorite musicians are Melanie Martinez, Rob Zombie, and Oingo Boingo.



Craziest, wildest or kinkiest place you've ever had sex?

I once had sex in the public pool of my old apartment complex after sneaking in to skinny dip in the middle of the night.

Favorite sexual position?

I love doggy because of the view and all the spankings.

Biggest turn on and biggest turn off?

Biggest turn on will always be confidence and kindness, turn off is realistically someone who hasn’t showered before we have sex.

Have you ever squirted?

Many, many times for years now. One time I squirted a 5 foot distance and I was really proud. :D

Have you ever masturbated with something uncommon (anything but a toy or fingers)?

One time I used approximately 15 sharpies and another time I used a glass beer bottle. Also used the nets in hot tubs to cum a few times.

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