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Teen Anal Fuck Dolls


July 26th 2016

Burning Angel never ceases to amaze and impress me, and this film continues that tradition. Teen Anal Fuck Dolls is the perfect example of the high quality, thoroughly enjoyable and highly entertaining type of smut that Burning Angel puts out. With a super hot cast, featuring stellar performances by Dakota, Yhivi, Charlotte Sartre and Mallory Maneater and directed by the one and only Joanna Angel, you know you are in for a good time. This is one of those films that you will have a hard time removing from your player as each scene is worthy of multiple viewings. You folks know that you can’t go wrong with a Burning Angel title, so trust me when I tell you that Teen Anal Fuck Dolls is a worthy addition to your collection.

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Inked Angels 7.5
Schwing 10
A/V Club 9.8
Box Appeal 10
Cum Again 10

What Burning Angel Tells Us About Teen Anal Fuck Dolls

Tatted up teeny sluts open up their sacred brown eyes to the lucky few who will get to slide on in there and feel that awful goodness. These bitches love anal and want you buried deep inside their backside ASAP!! – Burning Angel


A Walk Through The Scenes

Dakota, Small Hands

Dakota opens this film wearing hot plaid schoolgirl attire while licking (and spitting on) a giant lollipop and wishing it was ‘a huge big cock.’ Let me just say that Dakota, as a schoolgirl, with a lollipop and that sweet innocent voice is nothing short of perfection. As she continues with her candy, Small Hands enters to fulfill her wish. She licks and sucks his cock, rubbing her treat on him for flavor. After a sugary suck (with candy on her face) Dakota takes to all fours for Small Hands to slide her plaid panties to the side and dip his cock into her beautiful pussy. They switch to spoon and a little mish before some 69 action. She takes a ride in reverse and cowgirl then a bit more mish. Going back to all fours, Dakota gives Small Hands access to her back for for and anal pounding from behind. An anal spoon fuck wraps up the fuckery in the super hot and fun opening scene with Small Hands popping off on her lollipop and Dakota licking it off. You simply have to watch this scene again (and again and again and…).

Mallory Maneater, Xander Corvus, Johnny Castle

Mallory gives a hot tease outside in short jean shorts and a shreded black shirt. Losing her shorts and in pink lace panties, she bends towards the camera and toys her ass with a plug. Inside on the couch, she rubs her clit when Xander and Johnny come in. They waste no time, dropping trou and feeding her their cocks. She gives a double fisted suck before getting on all fours with Xander filler her mouth and Johnny taking her from behind. She turns around a couple times, the guys switching holes until Xander finally dips into her ass. Johnny takes her in an anal spoon fuck before she climbs up for some cowgirl and Xander takes her backdoor for a bit of double penetration. Mallory backs onto Xanders for an anal ride in reverse with Johnny filling her slit. Xander fills her mouth as Johnny takes her pussy as she takes to her side both guys finishing on her face. A nice high energy scene that was quite a fun watch.

Yhivi, Xander Corvus

This scene opens panning the room showing off the creepy ambiance created by the décor with flashes of Yhivi in varying stages of sexual acts. This room reminds me a lot of my own office in its decorating and I feel that some of it is Xander’s own possessions used here (I could be wrong though). We finally see Yhivi sitting on the couch next to a large doll when Xander comes in (rocking the Sigil of Lucifer). Yhivi looks amazing here. I like the makeup used, the brightness of her cheeks with the heart shaped freckles contrasted with her all dark clothing (complete with a collar that I believe to be a part of Joanna own Stockroom line). He begins to caress Yhivi and pushes the large doll off the bed as he begins stripping her down. Pushing her back on the couch, he lifts her skirt tho get a taste and slip her a finger. Yhivi does a great job here as his doll and bending to his will. It is only after he starts to give her a vigorous clit rub that she appears to come to life and show pleasure. He feeds her his cock then flips her onto all fours to get into her from behind. Putting her on top, she rides him cowgirl as well as reverse before he switches holes and dips into her ass. They go for a deep anal spoon fuck and another go anally from behind before he pops onto her luscious ass. This is an amazingly hot scene, and to the casual viewer that’s exactly what it is: a super hot show of intense fuckery. And this scene alone is going on my personal multiple watch list, it’s that good. But I see what you did here Mr.Corvus. There is a lot more going on than just fucking. And I feel that no one else besides Xander could pull this off and make it believable. I also feel that Yhivi was the perfect choice for his doll. Her sweet and innocent look was pure perfection. I for one hope this is a new chapter in adult entertainment and Burning Angel and Xander are just the ones to make it happen.

Charlotte Sartre, Mr.Pete

Charlotte sits on the couch talking with Joanna (off camera) about her name and previous work (where can I find these scenes, my gods such impressive feats!) as well as other stuff. I have to say this girl is impressive and I may be crushing a little too hard on her (and she is still clothed by the way). Her as a person is one of the most interesting people that I have ever hoped to eventually meet. Anyway, Mr.Pete walks in and starts using toys on her as she rubs her clit. He gags her with a bit and gives her a quick finger then fucks her with a big metal toy. She goes to her knees to give him a suck before riding him in cowgirl. She gets on all fours to receive a pounding from behind then a deep anal spoon fuck. She bounces on his cock anally in reverse before going to all fours to catch his load on her face, asking him to cum in her eye. This scene definitely closed the film on a high note. From start to finish this is a film you will watch many times.


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