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The Bob chats with inked babe Dakota

Inked Babe Dakota Interview

Last week, I had the extreme pleasure and honor of talking with inked babe Dakota. Some of you may know her as Dakota Skye, or even Kota Sky; but as it stands, Dakota seems to fit just fine. And I mean, isn’t it a sign that you have truly made it when you can be referred to and known by a single name? Since her start in the industry nearly three years ago, Dakota has definitely made a (single) name for herself. With over 200 scenes and multiple award nominations, with many more to come I’m sure, she is a remarkable force to be reckoned with. All this may surprise you with her tiny frame, but this petite porno princess takes the world on with a smile, a positive attitude and an amazing work ethic.

Her performances in her scenes are always enjoyable and her passion for what she does shines through. You can look at her most recent DVD releases including “True Lesbian Lust 3” from Desire Films, Teem Skeet’s “Tiny Chicks For My Big Dick” or “My Friends Hot Girl Vol. 21” from Naughty America to see what I’m talking about. Also, if you happen to be in the Reading, PA area come September, Dakota will be feature dancing at Al’s Cabaret on the 8th through the 10th, so mark you calendars folks. I’m pretty sure she is going to put on a show you wont want to miss.

This month, ArchAngel is releasing “Dakota Goes Nuts” a showcase featuring her first IR, DP, Gangbang and IR anal. If you aren’t already trying to find where you can purchase this film, you need to have your head checked. Dakota discussed her excitement for this film as we talked, but since this is Inked Angels, I had to ask about all her recently acquired ink to start the conversation rolling.

The Bob: Let's talk about your tattoos. You took six months off, approximately, last year. And you came back with quite a bit of ink that you didn't have previously. Was there any concern that it wouldn't be received well?

Dakota: Honestly, I just, like you said, I took six months off and I went back home to Florida. I mean, I’m young. I’m only 22, but looking for myself, so I just went and got a bunch of tattoos. I was like, fuck.  I had a lot of people mad at me. I mean, not mad at me, but ,’What the fuck did you do?’ and I’m, like, ‘Ummm.’ But honestly, I mean, like my fans, I was worried about that mostly. But honestly, it hasn’t been a bad thing. I don’t know, I feel more comfortable and more of my normal self, which makes for good performance. So I don’t know. I was kinda concerned, but at the same time, I didn’t really…like, I don’t know. I was concerned for my brand, but at the same time I was happy for myself. And it turned out good. I did my half sleeve, literally in…like I went in two times.

Bob: Well, it looks great and it's quite a compliment to you. I think.

Dakota: Thank you.

Bob: I know on Anal Brats for LeWood...

Dakota: That was one of my just got back scenes too. Like I think the first released.

Bob: Right. You talked a little about their meaning. Do you want to share any of that for anyone who hasn't seen that film yet?

Dakota: Ummm. I mean honestly, it changes a lot. But more so I just believe that there’s more out there, you know. So I don’t really know, I feel like everyday I learn something different. So, I don’t know, it’s weird. I know, like the owl watches everything and then I have the symbol for hybrid and the I just made a mermaid alien thing.

Bob: So you came back around December, and that's around the same time, if I'm not mistaken, that you signed your contract with ArchAngel.

Dakota: Yes. Which I’m really happy with.

Bob: Do you wanna share anything about that?

Dakota: Yeah. Honestly, when MimeFreak, I’ve been talking to him, and friends with him since I got into the industry and he’s been somebody I’ve looked up to artistically. And I remember when he first asked me to do it for him, I think like a year and a half ago. So it’s kinda cool to do it with somebody that’s been around since the beginning. It’s more comfortable. And my DVD comes out in June. The showcase was super extreme. I was like super nervous the whole entire time. I did a bunch of new things in it.

Bob: Right. That's what I was just gonna say. You've got a lot of your firsts all in one film.

Dakota: Yeah. I kinda wanted it like that though. I felt like I waited so long to do everything that I needed to like, I don’t know…express myself and put it out there. And I still haven’t shot for anybody else or shot anymore scenes. I’ve kept it pretty quiet. I don’t really want to spoil any of that. For once, I’ve done a good job of not saying anything. And I pushed myself lot.

Bob: So do you have anything else you are working on at the moment?

Dakota: Right now I’m still kinda like in chill mode, I guess you could say. I’ve just been webcamming and hanging out with my dogs. I don’t know, I’m just kinda exploring stuff. I don’t really have anything like super interesting, you know what I’m saying.

Bob: Okay. That's fair enough.

Dakota: So I’m sill kinda like…not on break, but just hanging out.

Bob: Just kinda taking your time and easing back in...

Dakota: Yeah. I just shoot occasionally on how I feel, you know. Before I was just shooting constantly.

Bob: Sometimes that can be good, to space things out. To not...for lack of a better term, flood the market and bore people.

Dakota: Yeah, that’s how I feel right now. Like I took a break and was really focusing on my own personal stuff. And it’s kinda cool to see a bunch of fans, like everyone always asking me what I’m up to, you know. So, I’m excited for this cause it gives them something new. And that was kinda my whole thing. That I wanted to do something for them.

Bob: Yeah. So recently you started self booking. Does that play into what you just discussed?

Dakota: Yeah. I’m really like right now just focusing on like, I don’t know. Since I was 18 just turned 19, I’ve been just basically shooting and that’s it. And like I said, I went home and got all the tattoos and stuff. I’ve just kinda been focusing on all the other stuff I wanna do. Which is writing and I wanna go to school to be a veterinarian. So, pretty much that’s why. Like, I don’t see the point in having an agent if I’m not really working consistently.

Bob: That also lets you pick and choose what you wanna do as well.

Dakota: Yeah. And that’s been a huge thing for me this last year. It’s been like, kinda finding what I find is artistic and wanna do…versus just doing it, you know?

Bob: So you also have coming up in the next few months, I think September...You're going to be feature dancing. Forgive me, but is that new? I don't remember you doing much of that before.

Dakota. Yeah. Actually I did one in Vegas and I was supposed to do it for my birthday and I ended up getting sick and had to reschedule. I literally just found out about it. Which I’m super excited about it, but also like you said, it’s new.

Bob: So is that something that you see yourself enjoying and pursuing more in the future?

Dakota: Yeah. It’s something I wanted to pursue in the beginning, I just kinda like was holding off a little bit.

Bob: Let's kinda keep going on this whole thing where you are picking and choosing what you do, and kinda taking things slow, so to speak. Where do you see the future for you?

Dakota: I’m looking into getting…I think I already knows cause everybody has been asking. Like am I still going to be actively shooting? I’m like more onto the artistic side of things. So like I’ve been looking into a production company and stuff like that. But, I don’t know. Hopefully, I’m going to be a vet by then.

Bob: So are you thinking you maybe wanna move behind the camera?

Dakota. Yeah. I feel like I could make something awesome on the media side of it. I like writing a lot so…I’ve just been, kinda with that…I wanna do it but at the same time, I’m kinda holding back to find the right team of people.

Bob: I get that. With this new film coming out; it has a lot of your firsts. Is there anything yet that you feel you haven't done that you are still saving?

Dakota: Honestly, I guess there are all the double stuff, but that’s kinda what this film is to me.

Bob: Just kinda like getting everything out of the way and out in the open.

Dakota: Out of my system, yeah. I don’t know, and like I said it was special working with MimeFreak not only is he a good director, but he’s also ended up being a really supportive friend in the industry, so. It’s awesome to work with somebody who understands your mindset and your artistic side.

Bob: Honestly, that's kinda refreshing to hear that someone is looking for the artistic side and not putting out the same thing over and over again, you know.

Dakota: Yeah and with him, he pushes that hard. Like I ended up doing…it’s out somewhere and I don’t know the title of it, but I ended up doing a blowjob scene and I was like, what the fuck. I didn’t know that people could make them look so artistic. So, stuff like that. I don’t know, he’s just got like a really creative mind. That’s why I’m like really super excited for that DVD to come out.

Bob: Right. Yeah. You've mentioned on Twitter that you are in the process of doing your own site. Is that going to be all exclusive content?

Dakota: Yeah. I…I don’t want anything out. But yeah.

Bob: You don't have to give any details.

Dakota: It’s kinda like the DVD. Like it’s really…some of it’s like the production I want to do. I don’t wanna do it with the wrong people. I’ve seen like a lot of people do that and then later on they suck. I wanna do it for myself and it’s been way overdue.

Bob: A lot of girls are doing their own sites like that. Do you see that as a conscious move away from depending on companies to shoot you?

Dakota. Yeah, like, I think, I kinda wanna be exclusive to one place. And I think that would be really cool, but I just have to make sure I have the right team to help me with it. I know a lot of girls that do their own site so they don’t really need anybody. And I give them props for that. I would want, I don’t know, experience I guess. I’ve already shot a bunch for my site. I just haven’t…it’s not released anywhere yet. A lot of the stuff I’m doing, I can’t really say.

Bob: Oh right. I get that. I wouldn't want you to spoil anything. You've got to leave the anticipation and the surprise for the unveiling. If you give everything away to everybody, then why sign up, you know.

Dakota: Yeah. And that’s kinda been my biggest thing too. Like, why I wanna do stuff myself. To me it feels like a long time that I’ve been in the industry. I feel like I have a lot of fans that have been around since I was 18, 19, so I just wanna do something cool for them versus something super big.

Bob: Right. Your fans seem quite loyal.

Dakota: Yeah. Honestly, it’s a little bit…shocking. Like even decisions I’ve made in the industry like to not shoot…I’ve had support from like ninety percent of them. And I know that’s another reason I’m like flying, cause I know whatever I do they’re, like the people that really are my fans, they’re gonna be there.

Bob: Right. Okay. You mentioned earlier, camming. Which sites do you use currently?

Dakota: I’m mostly on my Chaturbate. Cause I started off camming on that site. So it’s kinda been like, sometimes I feel loyalty to them and my fans in general. I need to get more into camming again too. Like I said, I’ve just been doing a lot of other stuff.

Bob: Do you enjoy camming and connecting with fans like that?

Dakota: Yeah. It’s honestly very more personable and…you get to do more, you get to make all the decisions so it’s cool like that. And it’s also kinda unpredictable sometimes. Like, I’ll get on there and people from like two years ago will be like, ‘Yo’ and I’m like, ‘Hey’ and it’s crazy. Like you said, I have pretty good loyalty in my fans.

Bob: You have probably been interviewed hundreds of times. Is there anything you have ever wanted someone to talk about that no one has ever asked?

Dakota: Honestly, you kinda did, with the whole tattoo thing. Cause like I said, I went home and I got them done for myself, and I was like what do I want. And it was super exciting. I don’t know, but yeah, probably that.

Bob: Alright. Well, now I feel special.

Dakota: Like, you know, I’m trying to put more of myself into my work.

Bob: Like in Ass Tricks where you were hula hooping.

Dakota: Oh, that was for Joey Silvera. He is always a pleasure to work with. He’s another one who makes everything super artistic. And went and bought a bunch of hula hoops.

Bob: Was that tying into putting more of yourself into your scenes.

Dakota. Yeah. He always does a good job of that with me though. That’s why he’s one of my favorite to work with. But yeah, basically. I’ve been practicing a lot with that.

Bob: I never knew that hula hooping could be so interesting.

Dakota: For feature dancing, I got a special hoop for it and everything. And then the hoops that he got…like there’s so many different kinds of hoops. I don’t know, I could talk about hooping for days. And there’s a lot of work that goes into it.. like…I’m just super stubborn and I just have to learn everything.

Bob: Well, I thought it was entertaining, and it almost felt like you were letting some of yourself out, you know. 'This is me hanging out, this is what I do when I hang out.'

Dakota: Yeah, that’s pretty much dead on, really. Like I said, I’m 22. It’s like an interesting time in my life. I just don’t think you should just stick to one thing forever. I think you should have a diversity of talents and careers. That’s one of mine that I really, really enjoy. And I’m really excited about feature dancing cause I kinda get to throw that in there.

Bob. Right. Well as we wrap up, do you have anything you would like to close with? Anything you wanna say to your fans, our readers...

Dakota: Yes, honestly, like everybody that sticks around with my crazy shenanigans, and doesn’t go anywhere…like the tattoos for example, it’s kinda inspiring, you know. Like, I’m super humble about it. I don’t think I realize, like what I’ve done. Until somebody else is like,’Holy shit’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, I did that.’ So without them I couldn’t have done that. Just thanks for that. And again, that’s why I did that DVD, cause I felt like, they deserve something. And that was waited on for a long time.

Bob: Alright, well, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me.

Dakota: Yeah, thank you for having me.

Folks, make sure you are following Dakota on Twitter and Instagram and like her Facebook page as well. You can also find her on Dream Lover, catch her camming on Chaturbate and buy her video on Many Vids.  Also check out our review of “Dakota Goes Nuts!


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