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Neoprene, plastic hardware, Velcro, polypropylene webbing






Soft, comfortable, sturdy, reduces leg fatigue and back pressure

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Uniqueness 75%
Orgasmability 100%

Sportsheets, you had me at “G-Spot.”


This handy strap may look like a spreader bar… a short, flexible spreader bar… so actually not much like a spreader bar at all–but it’s really designed to facilitate g-spot stimulation during sex. How, exactly? Let’s start by consulting the box.

On its back is a charming little story that begins with a fairy tale font “T” and ends with a husband’s claims that he “didn’t have to guess” how the toy might benefit him. Not very informative, luxuriously maned husband of the box, but that’s what the instructional manual inside is for.

link story

…the instruction manual that I didn’t find until after The G-Spot Link and I were done. As it turns out, I wasn’t missing much, because the manual guides couples, not girls and their bedposts. What you’ll get from me is how things transpired between The G-Spot Link, Aries, Siri, a headboard, and myself, followed by my inspired and expert opinion on the toy in couples’ play.

I started by securing the sturdy, velcro cuffs around my ankles. The clip between them alluded me, and it wasn’t until after I’d hobbled to my bed that I realized I could have easily separated them. (For couple’s use, this clip is designed to be fastened by your partner once your legs are around his back, but I’ll get to that later.)

I chose my Starlight Gems Aries to take the place of the poetic, long-haired husband on the packaging. Aries was suitable because the only thing he’s missing, like so many real men, is a g-spot curve. First, I mimicked the position on the cover of the box, in which the woman tugs at the strap between her ankles so that her legs move towards her head and her hips tilt.


Yes, pulling my legs towards my face created a pelvic tilt, but my g-spot didn’t quite reap the rewards. The added stimulation was minimal compared to thrusting a Liberator Wedge beneath my butt. To be sure, I released the Link, reclaimed the Link, then substituted a pillow. It wasn’t the sexiest experiment, but it validated my theory. Lifting the hips off of the bed provides a substantially more beneficial tilt than a reclined forward fold.

My next move was feeding the strap between the slats of my bed, essetially cuffing myself to my headboard. I don’t know why this felt logical, but it turns out, pulling against a static object aids in the aforementioned lifting of the hips. If you were so inclined, you could even substitute a partner for that slat of wood and get your G-Spot rocks off this way. You’d exert more energy than if you simply used a Liberator, but who am I to praise passive sex?

Ironically, passivity is the second big benefit of the G-Spot Link. After I finished pulling against my bed frame (during which the cuffs and strap proved super-secure, by the way) I discovered the instruction manual. It suggests the link be clipped behind the man’s back (by the man, after he’s between the woman’s legs, which seems an unnecessary complication for any man capable of ducking between tethered ankles) so that the woman can relax her legs.

It then delves into degrees of vaginal tiltage and claims that the different types of pressure on the penis will feel amazing for you both. I suppose that’s what Husband-of-the-Box was alluding to, if he wasn’t just mind-numb with a naked, linked-up lady before him.

So here’s my inspired and expert opinion on The G-Spot Link in couples’ play: Yeah, I can dig that.

Having one’s legs overhead during penetration feels awesome. It’s especially nice when your ankles are close together, and because the G-Spot Link is adjustable, couples can play with any degree of separation. Crossed ankles tossed over a partner’s shoulder is a strapless expression of what the G-Spot Link aims to achieve, but sometimes life is just easier with a toy.

I’m also convinced that The G-Spot Link has plenty more potential for fun. Its instruction manual depicts the “Windshield Wiper” which I was disappointed to discover is not a disco move. I envision plenty of potential with the woman on her stomach and even the strap hooked behind an especially limber partner’s head. Get it here, and let me know how you like yours!

windsheild wiper