The Innocence Of Youth 10 – Digital Sin

The Innocence Of Youth 10

Studio: Digital Sin

Director: Paul Woodcrest

Released: February 22nd 2018

Length: 2:27

Extras: Behind The Scenes, 2 Bonus Scenes, Photo Gallery, Trailers



Let me start off my saying that I love the premise of this film. You’ve got the hot young girl in the princess dress waiting to please her “sir.” I really didn’t pick up on any step fucking here (though admittedly I may have missed any references) and that makes me enjoy the concept even more. The film opens with Kenzie Reeves in the little girl role and I for one am pretty stoked. I was a little dismayed by the fact that she was paired with James Deen as he seemed to take the roughness a tad too far for my liking (given the premise). I actually had to watch the scene twice before I could make any comments, because I wasn’t convinced that she was enjoying herself on the first watch. It was hard to decipher whether her pained face was in pleasure or not. So that is something I will let you be the judge of. That being said, Kenzie made a great little girl and nailed her role. Next up is Cadey Mercury. Everything about Cadey’s scene with Steve Holmes is pure perfection. There is a reason she was given the DVD cover. The gentle beliveabilty in the buildup, to the amazing chemistry between these two performers makes for a truly remarkable watch. This scene is a must see. Carolina Sweets gives a hell of a performance as a naughty girl who needs to be taught a lesson by her sir, Toni Ribas. Again, another scene that was completely on point on the believable scale. You know how every so often there is a scene that immediately moves a girl up to the top of your seek-out-every-scene list. Yep. This is that scene, and Carolina Sweets is that girl. A fantastic performance that warrants a second watch. Closing out the film is Khloe Kapri with a tender sir-getting-his-little-girl-ready opening. I generally don’t give the male performer the credit they deserve, but Chad White is brilliant here. His gentle hand with Khloe is commendable to the premise of the film. It was a strong scene to close out the film and Khloe handled the job brilliantly. Her little girl portrayal was the epitome of what this reviewer would consider flawless. Folks, The Innocence Of Youth 10 is truly extraordinary and an absolute must see.

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