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Butt stuff isn’t generally my thing, but if I filled the blog only with what was, you’d have an acute knowledge of rechargeable clitoral toys but might never know what a tunnel plug is. As luck would have it, the first anal toy to be donated to my cause is one of my favorites to handle clothes-on. I’ve had a crush on the Tinglers Vibrating Plugs since the day they arrived. They’re small, sleek, smooth, and pliable–as sweet and charming as an anal toy can be, without totally hiding who he is. The Tingler is like, “Don’t worry, baby, I’ll go easy on you. We’ll do what YOU want to do. But also, I’m definitely going to put it in your butt.” And I’m, like, feeling all romanced and pretending I didn’t hear that last part, but of course I did and of course that’s what I wanted anyway.

As long as I’m admitting a crush on the Tinglers Plugs, I might as well confess a love affair with New Sensations Novelties. They first caught my eye about five years ago with Buzz Buddies–Pocket Rocket style vibrators topped with doe-eyed, anime animals that I thought were adorable but everyone else found creepy. They eventually fell to our clearance section. New Sensations Novelties’ next attempt at something cute and seriously orgasmic was much more successful. The Muse is basically a tiny demon bunny that will capture your heart and then tie you to your bed and trap you there for days. But that’s a review for another time.

New Sensations’ toys are all of superior quality and boast breathtaking packaging. The Tinglers box is so simple and clean, it feels like you’d be doing something wrong if you DIDN’T take it home and put it in your butt. When a product looks pretty on the shelf, I often worry that marketing efforts usurped product development, but every time I take a New Sensations toy out of the packaging, I’m only more impressed.

Tinglers plugs come in three styles (I, II, and III) and two colors–Super-Cute Hot Pink and Bad Boy Black. (My names, not theirs, but I think they’re pretty spot-on.) Mine is the I in black, which is exactly what I would have chosen. It’s curved and beaded, starting with a small top orb and gradually getting larger, but never much larger than a particularly hefty finger. In my opinion, the sensation of fullness is one of the biggest benefits of anal toys, so I chose to incorporate a dildo. Clitoral stimulation is kind of a must for me, so my biggest challenge was finagling three toys with two hands. (Easy solution: Find a partner willing to lend a hand or, better yet, a penis.) I won’t lie–it was an awkward adventure, but one that ended up speaking volumes for the toy. It’s not every day I climax while musing, “maybe I can hold this with my foot….”

So, obviously, the plug didn’t easily stay in on its own. With a decent ridge separating the stem from the lowest bulb, I expected it would. Maybe my body has become wary of anal penetration. Perhaps it was fighting the American Whopper that the last two fingers of my left hand were clinging to. Even if it had stayed in on its own, I probably would have preferred to keep pressure on it because when fully inserted, it’s the perfect size and shape. It’s like it was made just for me. And the Tingler was like, “That’s right, girl. Told you so.”

The Tingler has two simple buttons–one to power it on and off and another to cycle through its speeds and patterns. You may have noticed that patterns on clitoral toys tend to frustrate me. Not so with anal toys! I actually prefer rumbling, escalating vibration over intense buzzing. The options were both beautifully excessive and uncomplicated. My Lelo Mona provided low and steady clitoral stimulation while Mr. Tingler showed his stuff and my Whopper (star of the past few weeks) calmly enjoyed some relief.

The Tinglers I Vibrating Plug may have converted me. I just might be a butt person. Okay, maybe that’s be an over-statement, but if a smooth-talking silicone plug sidles up to me, I just might request a ride. But I’ll never forget where I came from, and which sexy silicone plug started it all.

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