Interview: Tommy Pistol

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I recently had the exciting opportunity to interview Tommy Pistol, who is up for several Inked Awards, including Best Male Performer, Best Director and DVD of the year for Beyond Fucked: A Zombie Odyssey.  Anyone who knows me from Twitter knows that I’m a big fan of his and his work, so I was beyond thrilled that I was able to talk with him about his career and some other things.

Lola Murder: How do you feel about your nominations for the Inked Awards?

Tommy Pistol: I am totally stoked. One, I’ve been up for acting awards a few times, but the fact that Beyond Fucked is up for a directing award and feature award and it being my first feature I directed, I am really excited that it got nominated and believe I have a great chance at winning. I’m really proud of how it came out. The feedback is positive and I’m told the sales are great, so across the board it’s everything you want to hear when you make a movie. I honestly believe it has legs and will be talked about for a long time. Having Bonnie (Rotten) in it and being her first starring was perfect.





Lola: This is the first year that they have a category for Male Performer of the Year…

Tommy: I always get excited when I hear I’m up for an award. I can’t deny I was bummed out when I didn’t win for Taxi Driver XXX, but hey life goes on. It went over really well. And I’ve had a lot of positive feedback. The fact that they are doing it and this is the first year they are doing it and I’m up for it, it makes it more exciting.

Lola: When did you start in the adult business?

Tommy: I believe I started in 2003 or 2004. My first scene was Joanna’s (Angel) first boy/girl scene to for When it came time for her doing her first feature it was between me and two other guys. I had an interview with her at a bar with Doug Sakmann, he introduced me, luckily it worked out. It’s funny when we did our first scene and we were shooting on a rooftop in Brooklyn, 20 people ended up sneaking on to the shoot and watched us. If that’s not a first time test, I don’t know what is. And I have been doing it 10 years now.

Lola: That’s a long time actually…

Tommy: That’s a lot of screwing! After 10 years, the past two years have been where I think I’ve really got to branch out. A lot other  directors, companies finally gave me shot. A lot of the times, I’ve met people and they say “oh dude I’ve heard of you, I’ve heard good things” but I never would get more work. I’m probably working more this year than I’ve ever had. It’s so busy and I’m just extremely grateful for it. I think my performances and my work shows that. I don’t slack off and I try to always give it my all. Work is very important right now and I’m really grateful for it.

Lola: How did you come up with the name Tommy Pistol?

Tommy: Actually, I didn’t. Joanna did. She asked “what’s your porn name?”  I wanted the name A-Mac. She said “there’s no way in Hell I’m doing a scene with a guy named A-Mac.” The first press copy of The Movie, I was titled A-Mac. I think she said it made the first press but then after that she came up with Tommy Pistol. I said sure I’m not going to argue, I’ll take whatever you want. Now that I’ve had Tommy, I thought of a great name, someone recommended Tommy Dillinger. That would have been fucking awesome. I would have loved to be Ash Foreskin. I think Tommy Pistol really fits my personality. Seems joke-y and I think it worked out really well.

Lola: Good thing you didn’t end up A-Mac, that would have been really bad…

Tommy: Yeah, every time I would be announced, I would have been “AAAAA Mac”. I think it’s a New York thing.

Lola: You do a bunch of different types of scenes: parodies, comedies, and content for What’s your favorite type of scene or favorite kind of movie?

Tommy: One movie that I’m set to do write and co-direct for Sex & Submission ( is The Shining. It didn’t happen yet, but I’m looking forward to  doing it. Will shoot in the armory in SF. I love the movie and the armory is a character it’s self like the resort was in the original, I want it to be fucked up and scary. I pitched the idea and they liked it and I wrote a script and they liked it. We’re just waiting on the right casting right people to put in it. When it does happen, I will put my absolutely all into it.

Lola: What have you done that you’re most proud of?

Tommy: What I’m most proud of, I never thought I’d be doing a Pee Wee Herman parody. But to play Pee Wee, I’ve watch it and I was like “wow, I did really fucking well, it was awesome”. I loved doing that, it was a total surprised. But I got to say Evil Head being I love Evil Dead. We’ve talked about it for years, it just never happened and when it finally came up I just wanted to put my all into it. I hope people can see that when I beat up myself the comical jolts and jitters looks and stares. I wish we had more time, but we only had a short time to shoot it, but I felt I did my best of that. I love acting, I love being dramatic and stuff like that, I’ve been asked this before and I will always say Evil Head.


Lola: What’s the most surprising part of your job in the industry?

Tommy: I guess the job in general. The fact that what I do every day and I call it my job, it’s a physical thing and a stressful thing, you can’t really train for it and if you can’t do it you don’t last. The fact that I’ve being doing it for 10 years, my popularity and fan base has grown and my workload. It’s the whole context of what I do, the scenes I do, having sex 5 days a week for hours and hours. There are times I drive home and I think what just happened. I love this job. The porn industry seems big, but it’s kind of small and the people work regularly are the people who know how to do it and they do it right.

Lola: What’s your ultimate fantasy? 

Tommy: Before into porn I did have a 3 some with girls, I guess that was really cool. But I never had a 4 some yet. So I guess that.

Lola: What is your favorite type of sex?

Tommy: I’m all over the board now. Choking and slapping, rough scene’s are becoming the norm. I like when girl’s also gives it back, I cant lie, I like to be choked and spit on. I’m an equal opportunist, when they give back what I give, I think that’s fucking awesome.

Lola: Who is your favorite girl to work with? Who are you most comfortable with or who do you feel you have the best chemistry with?

Tommy: Maybe it’s because we just work a lot together, me and Joanna, we’re more like brother and sister. I’d probably say Joanna Angel. We’ve done so much work together, when it calls for me and her to a scene together, it’s goofy and fun and it’s always awesome.


Lola: Who would you love to work with?

Tommy: I would say Tera Patrick, but she doesn’t perform in porn anymore. If that day ever happens, I would hope I would get a phone call to work with her. I just think she’s drop dead gorgeous.

Lola: What’s the most frustrating part of your job in the industry?

Tommy: To be perfectly honest, the most frustrating, not necessarily people I’ve worked with, but when you see the guys and girls who don’t really want to do it, they’re in that stream of “I’m not sure I want to do this, is this for me?” I think Axel Braun made a perfect suggestion to only shoots girls that are 21 and over. I think at 18 you really don’t know what you’re doing. You need to figure out and think it through and save that whole life of drama. Give it a few years after high school and figure out what you want to do. If you want to do it, then step into it. That’s the most disappointing part, people thinking they want to do it or think it’s a quick fix to something and then realizing  “do I really want to do it, I’m not happy…” It’s not an easy job and a lot of baggage comes with it. I’m happy being here. There are long hours, but it’s what the job demands and that’s what you get paid for. I’ve had regular jobs, I’m never going to complain. I know what it is to work 9-5 or 7-4, waking up at 5:30am to go to work, this is kind of a dream job. If you can do it awesome, if not, sucks for you.

Lola: James Deen is taking applications from female fans to film a scene with him. Is this something you would ever do?

Tommy: Of course I would. I would love to do that. And if I could find someone who could make it happen for me, I would hope to see your application there.

Lola: You would, I would probably fix it so I would be the only one…

Tommy: (laughing) I’d get 50 applications from the same person…

Lola: During your scenes, is the banter scripted or is that stuff that you come up with on the spot?

Tommy: Joanna stopped writing scripts for me; she just said “you just do your own thing”. If it for a specific parody she’ll give me something, but she trusts me enough where I can just go off and it will come off. I appreciate that.

Lola: I figured a lot was improvised…

Tommy: I did sketch comedy for 11 years in NY. A lot of people are impressed. Comedy got me into porn.

Lola: Do you pick the positions in your scenes, are they planned ahead of time or does it just happen?

Tommy: Sometimes it just happens, but you just pick the position that’s best for the camera and the angles and lighting. Some scenes are just go, you do whatever you want. But depending who you work with, they know if we do this position, this is the angle you get. There are only 5 or 6 positions in porn. It depends on the actors too. You just kind of go through the stages and you only have minutes to fit in everything, it might be a certain position you move into so that set’s up the next move, it’s pretty easy.

Lola: We’ve had a conversation about mime porn before. Do you still want to do that?

Tommy: Of course I want to do mime porn. It would have to be quiet and silent porn. All the moaning and grunting, they would all have to be mimed.

Lola: I think you could do a good job with that…

Tommy: Thank you. I think it would be hilarious. I don’t think it could be a whole movie, but definitely a scene. It could definitely work.

Lola: I think creepy Twin Peaks type music would fit in really well with it.

Tommy: Yes, I agree. I totally agree.

Lola: How many tattoos do you have and what’s your favorite one?

Tommy: Nine. I have favorites for different reasons, but I think the Master Shake is definitely the one that gets the most ‘oh my god’ and the fact that I got Master Shake on my hip and the fact that I met Dana Snyder and we’re friends and we get to talk now, then makes it even better.

Lola: My favorite is the owl, just because it seems very random…

Tommy: Thank you. Yes, they are pretty random tattoos, but again, when I think about life, it’s all been kinda random.

Lola: What’s next for you, either in your current porn career or do you plan to write more mainstream type stuff like The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol?

Tommy: Without jinxing anything, I am planning a few things I hope I could get off the ground and happen. It’s just really time with everything. When the works there, you just focus on the work. And when you get that free time, it’s like ok let me work on this now. I have a few projects going, but nothing is solid right now.

Lola:  Well, thank you so much, it was great actually talking to you.

Tommy: You’re very welcome, thank you.

Follow Tommy Pistol now on Twitter to keep up with all his latest happenings!


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Interview: Tommy Pistol

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