Inked Angels’ Top 10 Terrible Tattoos!

Possibly the Top 10 All-Time Terrible Tattoos!

We here at Inked Angels thinks judgement on tattoos should be reserved for the ones wearing them unless they’re one of these awful works of “art” and we say that loosely!  People have many different reasons for wanting some ink, whether it’s to celebrate the birth of a child, in remembrance of a loved one that’s passed, to support a band they love or many more possibilities.  Remember, when it comes to tattoos, you get what you pay for!  If you get some guy in his parent’s basement to work on you, chances are they’ll turn out like one of the pieces below.  Also, please don’t forget to tip your artists!

Checkers Anyone?

With this tattoo, the guy is prepared to take you on in chess or checkers, anytime and anywhere!

Bundle Of...?

I’m all for people getting tattoos of their kids, they’re one of life’s greatest gifts, but you know your artist missed the mark when someone has to ask you what it is!

Who's Bad?

Who doesn’t know Michael Jackson?  Everyone knows at least one song from the “King of Pop” and has heard of all the controversy that followed him throughout his career.  So the quote “He Touched So Many…” is maybe a little too honest?

Butterfly Kisses!

From a distance, this looks like a nice, innocent, chick tattoo.  If tattoo artists had a nickel for every time they did a butterfly tattoo on a chick, they’d all be retired.  But when you get closer, you’ll see it’s actually two women orally enjoying a penis.  Whodathunkit?

I'm Lovin' It?

What would make someone get a tattoo of their McDonald’s receipt?  Was it an important first date with their girlfriend or wife?  Is it from a bill that his friend still owes him money on?  Whatever the reason, I can think of 10 more reasons not to get it.


Drunk, high, or whatever the reason may be, it’ll never be good enough to explain this tattoo!  Nickelback music should never be listened to, let alone have one of the members of the band permanently tattooed on you!

Deal Breaker?

Cunt Puncher!?!?  Really???  Why would anyone want to be mean to a vagina?  Something so sought after by most men and some women should be enjoyed, pet, and licked…NOT punched!

Grammar Nazi

Ok, so you’re getting some lettering inked on you.  Please, take two seconds and make sure it’s spelled right and makes sense!  I know the English language is one of the toughest to learn but this is like 5th-grade shit right here.

Hair Club for Men

For guys, one of the worst parts of getting older is the possibility of losing our hair.  Some even say “bald is beautiful” but this guy obviously doesn’t think so.  He’ll hold on to that hairline for life!

Get Your Freak On!

Grandpa knows what he likes!  Who needs to play dress up when it’s tattooed on you to take wherever you may go!

So there’s the 10 Most Terrible Tattoos we’ve come across (so far).  If you’ve seen worse tattoos that you think our readers should see, please leave them in a comment below!  Thanks!

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