Two on One with Inked Pornstar Britney Amber

Two on One with Inked Pornstar Britney Amber

Interview by Burghcpl4fun

Thank you to Tanya Tate and Star Factory PR for the opportunity to talk with the beautiful blonde bombshell that is inked pornstar, Britney Amber. This beautiful woman has been nominated for numerous awards including MILF Performer of the Year in 2020 with AVN, XBiz, Nightmoves, and Spank Bank, and that is just the start. She has starred in numerous productions both adult and mainstream and continues to build her brand and fan base. She also spends time on the road doing feature dancing at Gentleman’s clubs across the country, while producing her own content as well. She was a pleasure to chat with and get to know more about and was excited to share it all with us to bring some additional insight to her fans. We hope you enjoy what she shared with us for her fans as much as we enjoyed her sharing it with us. Be sure to follow her on her social media links as we guarantee she will leave you wanting more! You can find her at the links at the end of this interview.

Can you give us a little background and insight on where you started your journey into the adult industry and how you got to the point in your career you are today as an award-winning performer?

At the time I was working graveyard shift auditing paperwork for a hotel and they had HBO under the premium channels and while I was there for late night all of the adult programs came on and I started watching Cathouse and I really liked the show, so much that I even started watching it at home.  While watching at home, I was like, “Oh my gosh, I could do that.”  At the time I was only 19 and married, so I mean, even going and working there was totally out of the realm of reality in my mind.  However, one day (this was back in the Myspace times), I was just like you, and I sent a message to Dennis via Myspace to just see what would happen, thinking like he’s probably never gonna even read it or see it or anything because he’s a famous rich person traveling all over so I just didn’t expect anything. But then like two days later he actually got back to me with this huge message full of information and thinking he would pay for me to come out with no obligation and that if I didn’t like it I never had to go back.  So I spoke with him many times over the week before going out and I didn’t expect it to happen like that but it did take a lot of convincing for my husband. Eventually, everything happened in my favor. At the time, I’d gotten married very young, and it was obviously not going great. I just wanted to find a way to make myself financially independent.  I wanted to find a way to move along with myself in my life in my own direction and being married really didn’t help a lot at the time.

 Everything happens for a reason, so obviously the first trip there was good?

  I did pretty well in the first couple of days. I mean, I think it was the 2nd day when I actually got booked for my first “party” there.  The time leading up to that, like, you know, all this stress anxiety, not knowing much of what to expect or anything, I actually had a little breakdown crying and all the girls were comforting me.  Again, this was my first time ever even leaving home, ever even taking a flight or anything, now this is all just new and overwhelming. Then the bell rings and the girls will come in the lineup and you can choose the girl to take you on a tour and then talk about prices or whatever else while having a drink at the bar.  But when the bell rang while I was in the middle of crying and there were four girls in their comforting me and then they’re just like don’t you want to come out to the line and try it? So I just got done crying and trying to clean myself up really quickly and that’s when I got picked and my first party happened.

Where you ever part of the filming for the Cathouse show?

Actually, I was on the third season of the show after working there for a bit, I loved the way they filmed it and formatted it.  It was a good show and a good time.

So how did the transition happen from there to mainstream filming?

Well, I worked at the ranch for about a year and met a few girls over that time that did work in adult movies as well as working at the ranch.  So, one of the rules there was if you did work in adult films not to give information to the other girls that work there about getting into the film industry.  They didn’t want, like in my case, girls to start working in adult films and then stop going up to the ranch.  You know, because it would pull the girls away from the ranch, so if you talked about it at all you did it under the radar, and if it got out about it you’d be fired immediately.  One day there was a girl that started who was at the end of her movie career so I started hanging out with her a little bit and told her that I was interested in doing movies and stuff like that because I actually was interested in that even before working at the ranch.  I had no idea how to even go about getting started in that and adult movies, so she gave me some basic general information.   

OK, so you leave the Bunny Ranch and start in adult films, how was that experience, how was the transition for you?  

Well, I mean, I was doing both together, so I would go up to the ranch for about a week or 10 days and then come home for a few weeks or so and then go back up there and then in between I would film. I lived about an hour and a half without traffic from the Valley in the LA area where they shoot movies so I would drive down and shoot them then be home.  I did that for about a year and that became very overwhelming. Oh my gosh, because when I first started in the industry was right before like tube sites really hit, so you know it was the good times and there were still tons of companies shooting. I was shooting every day or sometimes a few times a day, and then on top of that going right out to the ranch right after. It was just like, “Oh my gosh, you can’t do it all.” So many things played a role, but I left on good terms, and it just worked out better just to do movies instead.

From your career in filming and now the whole COVID-19 pandemic how has that affected you and your work and what are some things you are doing with being limited on production companies filming?

At the end of last year, I started producing my own content, and then by the time everything really hit I already had really gained a following in a lot of views on my own content and that really helped a lot because I can only imagine trying to build all that after this pandemic hit because it does take a fair amount of months to really start building the views and the following on that whole part. Luckily for me though, I already had a name, so it was a lot quicker for a lot of people to start gaining the following on my own content.  But yeah, now a lot of people are doing their own content from home and figuring it out.  I do have male partners that I do a lot of my own content with so I’m very fortunate for that, as well as having a lot of different things to shoot.  I do YouTube and do so many different platforms in the adult industry such as Pornhub, Model Hub, ManyVids, OnlyFans, as well as some other little ones that popped up like Underpass. Then I also started doing toy reviews.  I have companies sending me toys all the time now and I have tons of people requesting custom videos as well, and gosh, it’s just overwhelming sometimes.  I feel like I’m working and shooting more now than I ever did while shooting for other companies.  Even now as we speak I have other companies commissioning me to do scenes at home There’s this company, Benefit Monkey, that just came up, and they commission girls to do scenes at home shooting and producing content. There’s also Adult Time. They’ve commissioned me for some things, too.  So, I mean, business is booming here at home for me and I’m very, very grateful!

I actually just checked out your YouTube channel just before this interview. I’m definitely going to check out some of the lingerie myself. There’s some really fun/ sexy videos.

That’s a whole other thing! I have a lingerie company sending me stuff to show on my YouTube channel and different companies asking for reviews and to do giveaways and all that stuff.  It’s just amazing!

With the YouTube channel, that’s something outside of the adult industry from what people know you from.  We have seen some other things you’ve been part of outside the industry.  Let’s talk a bit about Girls, Guns, and Blood. Where did that all come from and how was that experience?  Can fans expect anything more like that?

Yeah, so actually my agent booked that for me. Luckily, I booked for some mainstream movies sometimes which I’m very fortunate for that as well.  I haven’t yet really pursued it, just like sometimes these pop up and I do them. I had another one recently that was supposed to come out last month or the month before. It’s already been released at a Film Festival in California around spring sometime where I saw it.  I know it’s been shown in the Film Festival, so I don’t know why it’s not out yet for the public to see but that is coming out.  It’s called The Arrangement and it’s an indie thriller starring Eric Roberts who plays the devil that makes these 12-year deals with people.  I don’t have as big of a role in that as I do in Girls, Guns, and Blood, but it’s a pretty decent role, and it’s also a lot bigger budget film than the other two so I’m very excited for this one to finally come out. They sent me the screener to watch at home as well and I really like it, I’m like just freaking drop it already! I don’t know what the problem is.  I am happy that the word is getting out there and also to remind everybody that if they have Amazon Prime that you can watch it for free on there, so there’s no excuse not to watch it. It’s so funny, it’s got quite a few awesome porn stars in it and it’s such a fun B movie. It’s kind of Tarantino-like grindhouse-style. It’s got a lot of comedy in it. It’s so good I would love it even if I wasn’t in it.

If you weren’t in the industry what do you think you’d see yourself doing professionally?

Well, I went to school but didn’t finish, so I started going back to college for theater arts and I did that mostly because of the acting side of my current career so it would help me with more of the acting side of the business.  I don’t know if I would have even gone back to college or majored in that if it wasn’t for my current career.  I don’t know if I would even go in that direction. But honestly, I was 19 when I first got the idea in my mind for the Bunny Ranch and then everything took off from there. Like, even before that, like I don’t know, honestly, I probably would still be doing something like auditing. Sadly, it’s the only thing I can really think of because it’s like everything that has kind of motivated me in my direction has been from the adult industry.  So probably just something boring like that. I don’t know, it’s so hard to say because if I didn’t ever get the idea in my mind to do anything in adult, gosh, who knows where my mind would have gone. Probably something like archaeology, who knows where my mind would have gone to. Sometimes I do think it would be interesting to know, I kind of just follow the path like, “Ok, this is what I want to do so I’m going to work towards it and flow with the wind.”

Outside of work what kind of hobbies or interests do you have?  What do you do to unwind and relax when you’re not working?

Well, since I started producing my own content at home, I’ve been working more than ever.  What do I even do these days now? I just like to watch YouTube in between working and stuff.  Before that, I was really into archery and bowhunting. It’s been almost a year since I’ve gone bowhunting now, but that really took up a lot of my time. I do notice though even like back then in my 20s when I was doing a lot more stuff like playing guitar and I was reading all the time and I spent a lot of time doing my own things rather than producing my own content.  I was feeling like, “Oh, you know, I can just do it all,” but really though, that took so much of my really valuable productive time.  You know, so it really does suck, the switch, but I really am so much more productive and making so much more money and I gotta sacrifice those kinds of things. I do miss bowhunting though and I keep looking at my bow and thinking I really should go get it tuned being that I haven’t shot it in a year and then when I try to make time for that, it’s tough.

The two of us are foodies with a background in the food service business so we love to find out from people, when you open up your refrigerator or pantry, what is the one or two things that are always in there that you cannot live without?

That always changes, I go through these phases.  For like 3 months, all I wanted was angel food cake. I don’t know why that was such a weird thing.  Then, like right now, I’ve been making a lot of pumpkin spice lattes at home because I just figured out how to make the perfect one and now any other ones are barf to me. So I have to keep fresh pumpkin in my refrigerator. I just cook down heirloom pumpkins and Cinderella pumpkins and I’ll use that, and I also just made pumpkin bread with it too. But ya, I’ve been obsessed with that, waking up and making pumpkin spice lattes. It takes a lot of time too. I mean, first, you make the espresso, and then you warm the pumpkin over the stove, and then froth the milk, so it’s about a half-hour process in the morning to make it, but it’s so worth it! I love hot sauces also, I’ve always loved hot food, but over the years I can’t use as much anymore.  My favorite hot sauce is the Torch Bearer Garlic Reaper sauce, it’s the Carolina Reaper. I saw it on a very popular show that I started watching that has the hot wing challenge and ordered tons of the sauces on there even though it was one of the hottest ones. They give you like 10 sauces from mild to hot so it’s usually like maybe one of the last two or three. A lot of people couldn’t handle it because it was so hot, but hot with flavor, not just hot heat. It’s so good, it has flavor so it doesn’t matter how hot it is.  I even gave it to people that can’t really handle heat and they power through because it’s so tasty! The garlic helps because the garlic flavor is so strong, and the heat is so strong, it balances out great.  It is leaps and bounds the best hot sauce that I’ve ever tried in my life and I don’t normally just like go through tons of hot sauce, but this one I don’t care that it hurts, I still go through bottles of it because it tastes so good.

Is there a scenario or scene that you haven’t had the opportunity to do that if you got a call today you’d jump at the chance?

That kind of goes back to the go with the flow person and whatever comes up comes up.  Probably I would say a shoot on the beach on an island far away or something cool like that. That definitely would be like “yes, please!,” but I don’t know anything else really. I feel like I’ve done it all and everybody and everything at this point, like, please surprise me with something, that would be amazing.

Over the years, you have won quite a few awards and you’ve had numerous nominations.  Of the awards that you have won, is there one that kind of sticks out and you are most proud of?

 Actually, I have two by my bed right now and they’re my most current ones, but also my favorite ones.  The female performer award from Night Moves is there as well as the best scene award with Mark Rockwell and Kleo Valentien.  The Mark Rockwell scenes are actually very popular. I had no real idea how popular they were until I started going to a lot of conventions and feature dancing and everyone was just like “Oh my God, Mark Rockwell!” I had no idea. 

If you had the time and unlimited finances to take a getaway trip anywhere, where would you go and what would you do there?

Wow, I never really thought that out much either.  I just really hate far travel, I’ve done so much of it over the past 10 years.  Maybe somewhere close that I don’t have to fly to.  Recently though, I’ve been going up to Big Bear which is really about an hour drive from me, and then also I just found this place that has these cabins about a 45-minute drive from me but they’re up in the mountains like deep in the woods and they’re so freaking amazing it’s better than flying anywhere.  I just stayed at this one that was a Haunted Mansion theme and then they also decorated like Nightmare before Christmas.  I can’t wait to go back there again too because they not only have that themed room but they have like a 420 themed room, a Dolly Parton room, a Christmas room, just all these crazy cabins with all these really elaborate decorations that are so freaking cool and the best part is it’s out in the woods away from everything.  It makes you feel like you’re completely away from everything while still actually only being an hour from home.

You talked about travel and you have done some feature dancer traveling, do you plan on getting back into that as things open up with the pandemic?

Oh yeah, I’ve been thinking about that.  I’ve seen online that a lot of house dancers are dancing with masks on so I don’t know if that’s the case with feature dancers or if any feature dancers are back to it. I’ve been kind of trying to keep an eye on it to see what’s going on in the world.  When it happened there were 4 different gigs that I had to cancel at the beginning of the year because of COVID-19 so I’m pretty sure that those will be rescheduled once everything is back to normal.  But I would have thought that things would be way back to normal by now and there is no end in sight. I’m not holding my breath and not trying to expect anything from anybody or anywhere.  My agent called me a couple of weeks ago just checking on me and said there’s really no rescheduling in sight for anything so it kind of sucks.

Last thing, if someone isn’t familiar with your work is there one scene, one movie, one something that you’ve done that says this is me, this is what you need to watch and you’ll see me at my best? I would say the movie Naked from Adam and Eve. It was kind of based on a mainstream tv show.  So, I’m in a relationship with this guy and have to convince him to let me go ahead and apply to be on the show and I get accepted.  Then of course I end up falling in love with the guy that I’m paired with and then we have this really hot scene out on this rock.  The location they picked looked amazing and is supposed to be Tanzania, Africa, but it’s not, obviously.  It was crazy, we are all naked and there’s this mud concoction that they put on our bodies so that we looked dirty and muddy and stuff like they do on the show. I was freezing also because we shot this in May. It was a three-day shoot and the two days leading up to the actual part where we were outside doing all the naked stuff were beautiful 80 degree days, and not a cloud in the sky.  Then the third day hit and all these clouds come pouring down rain the whole day that we were shooting outside.  It was so cold and like, “this is just great.” It did come out beautiful though so it was all worth it in the end.  That scene on the rock though, with Derrick Pierce, is probably the hottest scene I’ve done in a movie so that was one of my favorites.

On your Pornhub channel you have a video, Wild Ride on My Motorbunny, what do you think of the Motorbunny?  Asking for personal knowledge.

I did a movie a little while ago, it was also by the same director as the Naked movie and it was also for Adam and Eve, too. The movie is called the Motor Bunny Club and is based on a book trying to promote the MotorBunny.  So luckily, I was cast for this and it was a few day shoot and on the last day we did this group orgy with 6 people where we got to use some Motor Bunnies!  I think there was even anal in there, it was like everything, all the tricks, and all the theatrics.  After the last day, they actually gave me one of the Motor Bunnies and I couldn’t believe it.  It’s like literally one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given.  We had two of the normal Motor Bunnies and then one of the Motor Bunny Bucks, which at that point hadn’t even come out yet.  It’s so crazy you can control it from your Bluetooth phone and all kinds of crazy stuff, and it has this crazy bucking action and all these different attachments.  It’s definitely the strongest vibrating toy out there but you definitely have to cum before you go numb on it, that’s what I always say. It’s like sometimes I never want it to end and then I try to last longer and it is so much fun, but you’ll go numb quicker because it is so, so strong.  

Again, thank you so much to inked pornstar Britney Amber for taking time out of her busy schedule to have this conversation with us. We wish you nothing but good luck in the future in whatever endeavors you embark upon. Also, a big thanks to Tanya Tate and her people at Star Factory PR for being so helpful in allowing us to bring this interview to everyone.. Amazon Wishlist

Two on One with Inked Pornstar Britney Amber

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Two on One with Inked Pornstar Britney Amber
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