Two on One with Larkin Love

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Interview by Burghcpl4Fun

Welcome back to the latest installment of Two on One! We are excited to bring this one too the everyone and hope you enjoy. Thank you to Erika icon at The Rub PR and to Larkin for this opportunity. This jet black haired buxom beauty is some again we first saw at the Inked Awards back on 2018 and before we left the venue had searched out on social media and tagged as someone we NEEDED to explore more. Known for her 32J breasts and fierce black hair, Larkin Love has gone from adult star to self-made entrepreneur running her own website and becoming the queen of the clips universe. Her clips and site feature her as the master of role play. She’s always a chameleon going from to kinky mom to librarian to cosplay characters like superheroine Power Girl and League of Legends Ahri, and more. Larkin captivates her members and clip buyers with the kinkiest hardcore, taboo, and fetish scenes on the planet, as well as her specialty blowjobs, incredibly long tongue, and jaw-dropping dirty talk.She’s graced the covers of Hustler Taboo and Altstar magazines, was spotlighted as the centerfold and feature in Leg Sex Magazine and Hustler’s Taboo, profiled by AVN Magazine and Hustler, and snagged mainstream coverage with Complex, Cosmo UK, and Larkin also works as a professional dominatrix. For more Larkin do not forget to check out her links at the end of interview.

How long have you been in the adult industry?
I have been in the industry and producing my own content since 2011.

Where did you start i.e., in a club, camming, dabbling in social media or jump right in to mainstream?
I started out trying to film for mainstream studios, but most of them turned me down, saying my look was “unmarketable” because of my tattoos. I knew otherwise, though. After a few months of scraping by, I started filming my own content and selling it through clip sites.

You have done a lot of great cosplay scenarios and character roles, when did you really get into different character roles and is there one that you enjoy doing more than the others?  We know personally that we will never look at Scooby Doo cartoons the same way anymore!

My favorite character to play is definitely Power Girl! She’s so much fun to cosplay. The costume itself is custom made and took me a few hundred hours to perfect. Power Girl is known for her huge boobs, so of course I’m a good fit to fill out her leotard.

On your twitter you posted you picked up Cyberpunk and you’ve had a few posts in the past referencing gaming, are you a big gamer?  If so, what is your system of choice and do you have a go too game right now? I’m a big-time gamer! I’m an old school console gamer and I love my Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn. My all-time favorite game is Sonic 2. Playing it is kind of like meditation for me. I also love Nights into Dreams for Sega Saturn. 90s kids, represent!

Over the years you’ve made a very successful transition from mainstream filming to producing your own content, with the pandemic happening you were a step ahead with filming and studios shutting down, had you always had the entrepreneurial mindset and envisioned yourself moving that way?
Because mainstream porn never really accepted me, I had to engage with my potential fanbase on my own terms. This meant getting a video camera and shooting my own ideas. I’m actually really grateful! Shooting content for myself has given me creative control that I find really fulfilling. I love being my own director. I can bring all my fantasies to life and share them with my fans.

During the pandemic have you taken the time to explore any new hobbies or activities or taken time to maybe get back to something you enjoyed doing in the past?
You know, the pandemic didn’t slow me down at all. I’ve pretty much always worked from home, using my living space as a studio. I just moved right along with my video and photo production goals. This past year, my fans actually got pretty spoiled with the amount of time I’ve spent doing live chat on my OnlyFans! I feel like I got to know so many of my fans personally by talking with them one on one. It’s been great.

If you’re on a road trip or just out for a relaxing drive and the radio is on what’s on your play list?
Road trips demand some late 90s trance to set the mood. DJ Tiesto is a good pick. Any of the Search for Sunrise mixes will hit the spot. Either that, or some Placebo for that post-punk goodness. Ooh, or maybe 80s New Wave, once the sun goes down.

We both have a background in culinary arts and Mr. works in the consulting side of the food service business, through the years we’ve found that everyone has 2-3 things in the kitchen they cannot live without whether it be ingredient or actual product, what are yours?

I just bought a really nice toaster from Sage, and I have to say it’s one of the best things I’ve ever purchased for my kitchen. It just WORKS, and every slice is perfect. Also, I think it’s a crime to not have good quality olive oil in your home. Drizzle that over just about anything savory, and you have yourself a gourmet meal.

Throughout your career you’ve been nominated and won numerous awards, is there one or two that you hold closest to you and are most proud of taking home?
My favorite award is actually my 2018 Inked Award! It was the first one I ever won, and it was for Best Clip Artist. It felt amazing to be acknowledged for my Indie work like that. When I started shooting my own content, I had no idea it was possible to even win something for doing what I love.

Over the years of following your social media we’ve seen that you enjoy travel and have been to some great places, is there a trip that money is not an obstacle you dream of doing?

I’ve been dreaming of going to Japan since I was a teenager. Once COVID backs off and the borders open, I’m totally doing a full month in Japan, starting in Hokkaido and traveling down to Okinawa, to see as much of the Archipelago as possible.

Date night, are you a night on the town or night in person?
Take me out on the town!  Especially to a high-end restaurant. I’m a ridiculous foodie. If you want to blow my mind, take me to an authentic sushi bar!

For someone who has not watched any of your work what scene would you say “you need to watch this one!” because your either most proud of it or see it as the absolute best depiction of you as a performer?
If you want to watch my best work yet, you need to check out the scenes I’ve released exclusively on OnlyFans. In 2019, I stopped updating clip stores, and since then, I’ve pulled out all the stops on how dirty and kinky I can get.  Each one of my new videos has a corresponding downloadable photo set as well. Hit me up on DMs on OnlyFans, and I’ll hook you up with the perfect selection for your personal tastes.

Your ink pieces are beautiful, when and which was your first and is there a story behind getting it and its meaning to you that you would like to share?
I got my first tattoos on my ribs when I was 18. I had visited Toronto on a whim and had two geckos done in a petroglyph style at the Lucky 13 tattoo studio. Best souvenir ever!

Keep up with everything in Larkin’s universe by following her on Twitter @larkinlovexxx and Instagram @larkinloverules, and like her Facebook fan page Talk dirty to her on SextPanther and Verified Call Buy Larkin’s femdom clips at Get exclusive content on her Premium Snapchat/Fancentro, OnlyFans, and AVN Stars Get educated with eBooks, consultations and more on Join her Pornhub Channel to see free full-length videos and photos


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