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We are so excited to bring this interview with a tattooed babe and host for our 2021 Inked Awards, Rocky Emerson, to the Inked Angels fans. We first saw this 6ft 3in beauty at the 2018 Inked Awards and literally fell in love. We made a point of changing our travel plans to get the opportunity to meet her at the Inked Angels booth in New Jersey in 2019 and WOW! She is not only beautiful but such a great bubbly personality that can control a room. She’s been nominated and won many awards and there are sure many more in her future. Be sure to check out her links at the end of this interview to get more of this inked beauty, and also don’t miss her hosting the 2020 virtual Inked Awards. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did bringing it to you.

How long have you been in the adult industry?
I think its been about 3 years of it being my full time job. I did camming and other sex work stuff on and off since I turned 18.

Have you always been a sexually open/ experimental person or is that something the industry brought out?
I have been yes, but I was definitely shy most of my life. I had just started really having fun new sexual experiences right before I started porn! It started with threesomes and camming, and then I started going to orgys and sex clubs, and playing with more people. Prior to that it was BDSM partners and adventurous sex with romantic partners, but nothing that really had people watching me. The swingers clubs is where I learned that I love being watched and decided to do porn. So yes I guess I was pretty adventurous before porn, and have continued to be now that this is my job.

Where did you start i.e. in a club, camming, dabbling in social media or jump right in to main stream?
I started with camming, and then stripped here and there, then LOVED being watched at the parties I went to and decided to do porn from there. It felt like a very natural progression.

What was the defining moment that you said “Yes! This is for me and I’m going all in.”?
At an Upper Floor shoot for I was brought as a guest by Ian Rath and immediately fell in love with everything about porn. I remember being turned on but more importantly wanting to be in front of the camera like the performers were. He asked me if I wanted to do porn and from that moment I have dedicated my life to making it happen. Shortly after I filmed my first scene and the rest is history.

What scenario/scene have you not had the opportunity to do that if you got a call today you would jump at the chance?
I’d love to do a gangbang with anal, or an airtight threesome. Also, I have done live orgy performances but id love to do one with a director and a camera!

For someone who has not watched any of your work what scene would you say “you need to watch this one!” because your either most proud of it or see it as the absolute best depiction of you as a performer?
hmmm thats tough because my performing style has changed over the years. I go through periods where I like it rough, periods where I want to dirty talk, sensual periods, etc… I think any of my anal squirting scenes are pretty good and I’m definitely enjoying myself!

Of the awards that you’ve been nominated for or won, which are you most proud of and why?
I think awards are a great way to make sure I am working enough to be nominated and a way to gauge what I need to focus on the next year but try not to put too much pressure on needing to win certain ones. That being said my feature of the year award from the Inked Awards was my first award ever so that one is pretty special to me. 

You have some beautiful ink work, what was your first and how did it come about? Did you always want one, was it planned spur of the moment?  Would you share the significance of it to you being the first?
I think my first one is a stick and poke on my foot that my friend Holly gave me in a hotel bathroom on a Drama Club field trip. I guess I always knew I would have them. Most of them don’t “mean” anything. I mean.. they all have a memory of when it was happening and remind me of a certain time of my life or whatever but I kinda just let people tattoo what they feel like tattooing on me. Heavily tattooed people usually don’t have meaning to all their tattoos, we just keep getting more because we like the design or our friend wants to tattoo us or because we’re bored.

How has this pandemic effected your day to day life and what are some things you’ve done differently?
I stay home more, started climbing, really started focusing on Onlyfans, and got much closer to friends and fell away from others. The end of the world really challenged everyone and I am just trying to make the best of it and be a positive influence on the world around me. I learned to not let anything be an excuse to not work as hard as possible, I just work differently now. 

Has it changed how you plan to approach filming in the future?
Not quite sure I understand the question. Filming will always be happening for me, I just have to trust the person and what they did prior to coming to set and they have to be tested, just like before but now also considering covid too.

We are foodies and there are staples that we always have in the house.  What are a few things that you always have in your refrigerator or cabinets?
I always have eggs, cheese, greens, and frozen burritos… oh and Tapatio!!

What are some hobbies or activities you enjoy doing to relax and unwind when not working?
Climbing has been an awesome new hobby, going to the gym, drinking tea, road trips, hiking, taking film photos, and taking care of my plants. I am really just a hippie .. don’t let the evil tattoos fool you.

If you could go anywhere in the world with money not being an option where would you, that bucket list destination and what would you do while there?
Oh geez thats a tough one. Id say Ireland and Scotland. Really I want to go everywhere once but my Ireland trip got cancelled twice due to covid so I have been yearning to get there for a while now.

Have you ever danced or considered getting into the feature dancing side of the adult industry?
I used to dance and I don’t enjoy it very much. Feature dancing may be different so I might do that sometime. But for now there are no plans to incorporate that into my career. I also wake up at 5am so id rather not be at a strip club all night. Daytime activities and work is much more my speed.

For more Rocky be sure to check her links below – social media links – all sites 

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