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Our next tattooed MyFreeCams lady is the stunning Vicious Feline.  Relatively new to the business, this alt model also loves spending time gaming.  She’s also looking to break into the adult film world so keep a close eye out for her!  Read more to find out at this bad ass inked babe!


What is your MyFreeCams username and link to profile?

My name username is ViciousFeline and you can find me at

How long have you been camming?

I have been camming fulltime since September 2016.

What led you to start camming?

I lost my job in automotive industry, it gave me the time to look around and try new things. I tried Alternative Modeling for SucideGirls and Zivity, which are both nude modeling. I’m an exhibitionist at heart so naturally when I found out this was a job, I had to give it a try.

Why did you choose MyFreeCams?

I heard it was a great place to learn and grow into a proper cam entertainer. The girls on MFC are very creative so I thought it would be a suitable place for me to be creative with my cam shows.

Do you have any plans or desire to do adult film?

Yes! at 28 yrs of age, I’m just exploring my sexual fantasies and challenging my comfort zone. For example, I’d love to do foot fetish porn.

Tell us about your ink.

My first ink was on my right shoulder blade, a monarch butterfly. It was a quick tattoo of 2 hours, it hurt so much the first time. After that, I got many more larger tattoos. Now I have 5!

Tell us what to expect in your chat room. Are you flirty, dominating or is it just laid back and casual?

I’m like a girlfriend/slutty friend. I love flirting and teasing but I’m also a nudist so I just like being naked and smoking weed, chattin about video games. But my favorite is live shows with many people enjoying my show at once. Having an audience is the most fun to me. I’m a geek at heart though so anything entertainment/ gaming/ talking about porn.

What are some of your hobbies and do you utilize them in your room?

My hobbies include playing video games, Yoga and just being funny. I like to be up and moving but also sit down and chill. I smoke a lot of weed on cam. It’s a favorite pass time of mine. I do stretch as I am very flexible.

Any specific moments (bloopers, largest tip, etc) on cam you'd like to share?

The biggest tip i recieved was from a newer member to my room, Sheepwood <3  I Literally love my guys and gals whom support me! Honorable mentions to TheeKarmaGuy and ZodiacBlue and last but not least witchyartist <3 You fellas rule!!

Do you offer videos (or other items) for your fans to purchase? If so, where can they be found?

I do offer panties, videos, a premium Snapchat and Instax …all for purchase only through MFC or  New tippers in my room get a special discount for my Premium Snap.

What types of toys do you use on cam (if any)?

I love vibrators, suction cup dildo, and anal plug with a tail. I Love myCasperr dildo because it’s see through.

Do you offer customs?

I’m open to custom video requests, I’ve never done a full video but I get requests from my Premium Snapchat Users. I love fulfilling the fantasies of my fans.

Favorite genre of music?

Metal, Hip-hop, Punk, and Rock!

Favorite musical artist/band/group?

Killswitch Engage, Misery Signals , Classified , EMINEM, Tupac , NoFx , and older AFI!

Favorite food?

Cheesecake or Steak medium rare!

Favorite adult beverage?

I don’t drink much, I prefer Marijuana :) If I had to choose, probably Sex on the Beach or Liquid Cocaine shots.

All-time favorite movie?

Interview with a Vampire!!

Celebrity crush?

Shia Lebouf or Katy Perry.

Any final thoughts you would like to share with your fans and our readers?

I’m fairly new at camming and so far it has mostly been very pleasant, everyone is very open and excepting. II’vehad a few bad experiences but I LOVE MY JOB now. I do this Full-time since December 2016, M-F 8pm-2am EST. I’m absolutely in love with what I do now. I enjoy meeting people and making them cum :P I hope that I can meet you too!

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